How Anxiety is costing you Clients & Profit

Anxiety manifests in many ways. A lot we can identify and a lot we just don’t even know where it’s coming from. In today’s blog I want to talk a little about how anxiety manifests in 3 different ways and how it is costing you clients and profit in your business and how you can start overcoming this. Anxiety can be a very normal thing and is very common in early stage entrepreneurs. It’s very important to understand that it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing . It’s also very important to understand that we don’t have to let it stop us either.

I also think is really important that I mention, that sometimes we focus on learning more or creating more. We think a new freebie, a new challenge, a lot of content, a new course or a new course is going to finally make us move forward in our business. Sometimes we already have the knowledge and the skills but anxiety can paralyze us like I mention in many different ways. So, if you are feeling stuck, it’s time to slow down a little and acknowledge that maybe we already have enough material in order to start making money. We just need to overcome these limiting blocks that in a way have us paralyzed.

Impostor Syndrome

Impostor Syndrome keeps you from showing up in your full ability and potential. Keeps you playing small. It stops you from understanding your full worth and makes you think your success is the result of luck and forces beyond yourself rather than taking credit for the skills, talent and effort you’ve put into building your business.

What you can do! Journal – 10 wins on your business since you started, How will your business change lives and how will your business have an impact in the world.

Fear of Judgement or Failure-

Fear is an unconscious reaction to things that seem like danger. Fear is a good thing that keeps us alive. It’s not ever about becoming fearless, it’s about discerning fear that helps you from fear that just stops you. There are 3 responses of fear- fight, flight, freeze. Fear is what stops you from crossing the street if a car is passing by, it keeps you safe. However, fear of going live on instagram or reaching out to potential clients is fear that doesn’t serve you a real purpose. There is no real danger there and the worst thing that can happen is just an emotion that doesn’t have to have any real dark meaning in your life.

What you can do! Journal- What am I afraid of doing? Why am I afraid of doing that? What is the worst that can happen? And if this happens… how will that truly affect my business. Ex. Going live! Pitching to a client.


Disguised as procrastination, it is deeply seeded in uncertainty and second guessing yourself. It comes from insecurities associated with imposter syndrome and being unsure of your value. It also presents itself if you are not having enough clarity about what you are offering. Your audience don’t know what you’re giving them, so the longer you hold back the more money you’re missing out on making more money and the more people you’re not helping. You’re not as paralyzed as you think you are. The more you do something the more confident you get. The more confident you get the more you do something. Start thinking what 2020 will look like and the steps you need to take towards that.

What you can do! Confidence runway. Think of your goal to achieve and start thinking of small little steps you can start taking to grow your confidence.

If you want to see a live video version of this… you can watch on the free FB community The Happypreneur By Itzel Cuch.

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