4 Steps To Starting a Profitable Online Coaching Business

So, you’ve been lingering around the idea of starting an online coaching business. It’s been on your mind for quite some time. You keep seeing all these successful coaches changing their lives right in front of your eyes. Making lots of money, living their best life, being their own boss and you know it is just what you want! You know you have the potential to make this for yourself. But, how the hell did they do it? Where do you even start? Girl, I got you! When I first decided to leave Network Marketing and jump into the coaching industry, I was so excited and scared as hell! Crap! I’m really doing this. I was used to being mentored every single week with daily support when I was doing MLM and then all of a sudden I was going to follow a new path, taking life by the horns, doing this damn thing and following my heart and dreams, yet I was gonna do it all alone.

All these questions went through my mind.
How do I start a coaching business?
What am I even going to teach people?
Is online coaching even profitable?
Is my idea even profitable?
How much do online coaches really make?
How much do I have to invest?

If these questions are running all over your head, here are some quick answers for you.
You’ll learn how to start one with this post!
You are going to teach people whatever you are passionate about and know best!
Online coaching is very profitable!
Your idea is super profitable and I’m going to help you make that possible!
You decide how much money you want to make and how profitable your business will be!
You decide how much or little you invest in your business!

So with that out of the way, let’s dive in. In this blog post I will be teaching you how to start a profitable online coaching business in the simplest way. No overwhelm, no stress and without having to invest thousands of dollars before you start making an income for yourself. Ready? Let’s go!

Step 1: What? What is your business?

The first step is to figure out what your business is. Sometimes we overcomplicate business. We think we have to have this fancy website, fancy social media, lots of followers, crazy luxurious overwhelming funnels, ads everywhere and even a big team of people working for you. Girl, that is not the heart of a business. A business is simply a solution to a problem. So my question to you is, what problem can you solve? What is something you people are struggling with that you know you can help them overcome? Are you really good at motivating people? Are you really good at graphic design? Are you really good at relationships? The easiest way to figure this out is by asking yourself, what is something you already do on the daily? What is something people usually come to you for?
For me it was super easy. I have always loved to help people push themselves out of their comfort zone to follow their dreams. That combined with the knowledge I have around creating a website, creating graphics and a few more techy stuff I created my business to help women get past procrastination so they can launch their business with confidence. Then I went a little deeper and added that i’d help them do it in a very simple, low budget and lazy kind of way. Because, that’s the best kind of life ever right?

So, grab your pen and a journal and start writing all the things you are passionate about. The things you love to talk about. The things you love to help people with. Then write down all your skills. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or not. Skills can always be developed and you always have room for growth. You just need to be a few steps ahead of where your clients are. You just need to know something they don’t because that is what you are going to help them with. Then start thinking of the things people are struggling with. What would people pay you to help them with? What will people pay you to do? Write it all down and start putting things together so you come up with the perfect idea for your business. Things can change along the way, but the most important thing is to start!

Step 2: Who? Who are you going to serve?

The next step is to figure out who you will be serving. Have you heard of the phrase, if you try to sell to everyone, you end up selling to no one. Although I don’t believe it’s entirely true, I do believe it does make sense to think about who your ideal client is. Now, this isn’t something that you are just going to make up in your head and then only try to sell to that person and be closed to ONLY work with that person. What this implies is, figuring out who you would connect with the most, target to that audience, but be completely open to work with anyone who connects with you!
For me, I target stay at home moms, but I have worked with non moms as well. The reason I target mommies, is because I connect with them. I am a mommy, building a business from home while also taking care of a toddler and expecting a baby girl soon. I know exactly what a mommy is going through because I am right there with them. However, if someone who isn’t a mommy, feels connected to me and knows in their heart that I can help them, I am always open to work with them and make great things happen.

So, grab a pen and a journal and write down who this amazing person is. You can even give her a name if you want. What does she do? Where does she work? What is she struggling with? What are the words that she needs to hear in order to get motivated to work with you?

A quick hint: Usually your ideal client is yourself a few steps behind. Think of yourself a few years back. Where were you? What were you feeling? What did you need? What did you want to achieve? This is the best way to start writing content that will attract your tribe. The people that will be your audience and potentially convert into your paying clients.

Step 3: Where? Where are you going to show up?

Now it’s time to figure out, where are you going to make this happen? Where are you going to start building this audience to connect with. This is where you start building the know, like & trust process with your potential clients. People buy from people they trust. You can’t just show up one day and say, I’m a Business Coach, pay me 5 thousand dollars to work with me! You have to start building connections and this is how you do it. We have so many amazing platforms that are completely free that will help you do this. Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn.

So where do you have to do it? What is the most effective? There isn’t a right or wrong answer here. The most effective platform is the one that you will put your effort on. This is only going to happen if you love what you do. For example, you might see a very successful coach that used Youtube as her platform and so you believe that this is the place for you to be. Truth is, you hate talking to a camera. This will not work for you, even if it worked for them because you simply won’t enjoy it.

Every platform has different features and different audiences. Think about what you enjoy best. Do you like writing? Do you enjoy just talking without showing your face? Do you love taking photos? Do you love talking to a camera? It’s important that you truly love and enjoy this because it’s the best way you are going to present yourself so people can connect with you.

Step 4: How? How will you take them through the know, like and trust process?

This is the process you need to take your potential clients so that they can trust you enough to buy from you. This is where a funnel comes in. Now, I know you probably see lots of fancy funnels out there on the internet. Most are on auto mode, but what you don’t know is that they can be pretty expensive. If you want a simple, low budget yet effective funnel to bring clients to buying from you, I have a very simple recipe for you.

Social Media > Freebie > Email List > Offer

It truly can be a super simple process. You create something that they will get for free in exchange for their email, where you can start connecting with them (without spamming) and offer your services. Your freebie should be something very valuable. Something that gives them a quick and amazing result or transformation, that it makes it a no brainer to work with you. You want them to think “WOW, if I got this much value from something that is free, I can only imagine how much more value I can get from actually working with her”.

Creating and building an email list can be very easy. I have this super amazing resource that you can get for free. It shows you how you can create and set up your first freebie so you can start collecting emails.

Once you have people on your email list, it doesn’t really matter if you have 5 people or 1,000 people. What is really important is that you connect with them on a deep level. That you give them so much value in your emails that they get to know you, like you and trust you to the point where when you offer your services, it’s easy for them to purchase.

Now, you are probably wondering, when is the actual time to start selling then? Answer: As soon as you know what your service is and who you want to cater to. Even if you have 100 or 5 people following you. If you connect with them, you can make sales.

So now it’s time to launch. Right?

You got all this in place, but now what? It’s time to build those connections. You can’t have a business if there are no sales and you can’t have sales without people. So start connecting. Now, I also believe that there is no right or wrong way to do this. Do you like to DM people straight to their inbox and that feels easy to you? GO RIGHT AHEAD! Do you prefer to have people come to you instead, then do that! As long as you are connecting. As long as you aren’t just posting a photo to instagram and just expecting for people to magically appear. This is why social media is so important and so useful. All you have to do is be social. Show people who you are, let people know that you exist and that you are there to help them.

So there you have it! SIMPLE! Will it take consistency and commitment? Of course, but it doesn’t have to be hard. All you have to do is create a simple system that will work for you.

Love, Itzel Cuch

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