Overcome Self Doubt and Start Your Online Coaching Business

Hey girl hey!

I’m so excited to be back to blogging. My life has been a hell of a journey and I am so excited to share so many things with you.

In today’s blog I want to talk all about overcoming self doubt in order for you to start your business.

My business as been a hell of a journey. To be honest the only way I have been able to succeed is because I have started even before I was ready. I know you may be thinking around the idea of finally starting your business, but there are so many doubts. Things like, Im not good enough, Im not smart enough, Im not like-able enough, I don’t know enough. Who would want to give me money anyway for working with me?

I know, I know exactly how you are feeling. Because that is exactly how I felt and to be honest, I still do. I still get these doubtful thoughts in my head. Before I started my business I thought, well, what if it doesn’t work? What if I invest all this money and it doesn’t come back? What if no one buys from me and I’m just going to make a fool of myself? However, I still started my business. I went all in. I’ve made changes, I’ve had failures, I’ve learned. Then I got my first client. You might think that after getting that first client, all these doubts would leave me. Well, the didn’t. They still are present. Because then I started thinking, well what if I don’t deliver correctly? What if this new client regrets working with me? What if no one else ever buys from me?

This is a never ending story. So, what I am mainly here to tell you is, that it is not about not having any doubts. It’s about overcoming them and still taking action. Doubt comes from fear. Fear of failure, fear of judgement and fear of not having what it takes to deliver. But, fear isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Fear is present in our lives to protect us. Fear wants to alert us when there is danger. So it’s not about being fearless. It is about being able to know the difference from fear that is protecting you, from fear that isn’t serving you.

So, how do you overcome self doubt? Here are some tips I can share with you.

Have clarity about what you want

Having that big picture vision is crucial for this. When you have a strong WHY, it helps you see beyond what you just see in front of you. What is your WHY? Your why is what and how you see your perfect life in 10 years from now. The lifestyle you want to give to your children. Not having a big vision is like trying to cross the road without a head.

Have clarity around exactly who you are serving and how you can help them.

In other words, who your ideal client is and what their struggles are. I know you know this, because more than likely, this was you before. But now, you have this amazing knowledge to share with them to help them out. Now, you don’t need to be an expert at what you do. You just need to be a few steps ahead of them. You don’t need to try to know it all. There is always space to grow your knowledge. However, the more you work with people, the more your knowledge grows and the more confidence you gain.

Know that your message is a message that NEEDS to be shared with the world

YES, it NEEDS to be share with the world. Your message is powerful. Even if you think it’s not. Imagine being able to help transform someone’s life and that not happening because you decided that your content wasn’t good enough. Yet, it’s exactly what a person in pain needed to hear. I cannot tell you how many times I had procrastinated posting a certain type of content because I wasn’t sure it was good enough. Then, when it was actually posted, I get comments of how much that content has helped them. Or how much they resonated with it.

STOP being afraid of judgement

Here is the harsh truth, PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS JUDGING YOU. It’s in our human nature. Take a look at your daily thinking. We are always judging other people ourselves. We might not do it in a negative way, it’s just something we do naturally. Even if you walk out right now to go buy chips at the store, someone is going to judge you for something. So, you can sit in your couch and be judged for not doing anything, or you can get moving, take action, show up and be judged for making an impact. If you are going to be judged anyway, wouldn’t you rather be judged for following your dreams?

Now, you might think, I’m not ready. I’ll start a business when I finally feel ready. Guess what? You never will feel ready. Something is always going to show up. That’s life. There will always be a new problem, a new struggle or a new limiting thought popping up in our heads.

This is the last peace of advice I can share with you.


Here is the thing, “failure” is not something we can avoid. We will never know if what we are doing is 100% going to work. You know how we find out? By trying! If you never try, you will never know! What is the only way to find out what things work and what things don’t? It’s by doing it. DOING what you are afraid of. Failing fast, but failing forward. You can’t fix something if you don’t know it’s broken. You’ll never know your car isn’t working if you don’t drive it. So, JUST GO FOR IT! If it doesn’t work, take feedback. See what worked, what didn’t, what needs to change or what you can do more of. Don’t be afraid of failure, because failure can be your best friend!



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