Not Feeling Good Enough to Become a Coach? Change this Now!

In today’s blog post I want to help you make some mind shifts if you are feeling like you don’t know enough to become a coach. 

Here is the thing, you can learn all the strategies, you can try to learn all the things but if you’re not in the right mindset you will never feel ready. It’s all about mindset! You have no idea how powerful one little mindset shift can really do for you, for your business and for your life.

So, let’s jump right into it.

Mindset shift #1

If you feel like other people know more than you do, you are right. Ofcourse silly! A lot of people know a lot more than you do. But there are also a lot of people that don’t know what you know. So just the way you don’t know what other people know, there’s other people that don’t know what you do know. There has to be something (even if you’re not an “expert”) that you know and that other people need. You don’t need to have it all together. Nobody has it all freaking together. No coach out there has everything a hundred percent in the bag. That’s not true & unrealistic. We all have our own struggles, we all suffer from imposter syndrome, we all go through that “I don’t know enough” phase. However, we can always learn more. Maybe you’re like “yeah of course, of course there’s people that don’t know what I know but how do I get past this? How do I get past my fear? Think about it this way, don’t you think you’re being a little selfish by not sharing what you do know? A lot of people need your help. Even if you start from the bottom. Let’s say that you are barely starting your coaching business and you know in the coaching industry a lot of coaches charge very high ticket prices. So just to get your feet wet, you’re going to start off maybe by putting a low price out there. Just to test the waters. That would be such a great service for someone who is barely starting out and wants to know what you know. Depending on what your Niche is right, you’re obviously not going to talk about what you don’t know. You’re going to talk about what you do know. The key here is that you only have to be one step ahead of your ideal client’s steps. Just one step ahead. There’s always going to be someone who doesn’t know what you know and who could really really benefit from your help, from you sharing that message and that knowledge. When I wanted to go into actual business mentoring, I was scared. I was so scared and I was really really hesitant. I was really broken between staying where I was before, a health coach or going for this, doing what I do now. I remember it was like super scary to say I’m a Business coach because I kept telling myself, I am not an expert. I don’t know if it’s going to work out for me. What if people think like, “who the hell does she think she is to be talking about this. However, I just started talking about what I did know and you have no idea how many amazing people sent me a messages saying “oh I didn’t know that, thank you so much for sharing”. That’s because you’re going to share what you do know. You don’t have to try to share about what you don’t know. You just have to share what you do know. 

Mindset shift #2

So now you’re probably like “okay but what if that’s still not enough? What if I don’t know enough  to have a lot of content to share. There’s so many people out there and there’s so many ways to help them. 

Here is how we fix this.

Some people don’t know that they don’t know. 

Some people don’t know that they do know.

Some people know that they know but don’t take action.

Some people know that they know and they do take action.

So for example before I started learning about NLP I didn’t know that NLP existed. So I didn’t know that I didn’t know about NLP. NLP was not in my world I didn’t know that that was a thing. So when I heard about NLP, I then knew that I didn’t know anything about NLP. That’s when I decided that I wanted to study NLP. So when I started studying NLP, I was like “These are things that I already do on a daily basis.”  I didn’t know that I already knew. Isn’t it crazy? Last year I learned so much strategy like crazy, but I didn’t take action. So I knew that I knew but I just didn’t take action because of some mindset blocks that I needed to overcome.

So, can you see all the opportunities you have to teach one single thing? One single thing can give you a n entire repertoire of content and lessons and ways of teaching other people what you want to teach them. 

Mindset Shift #3

There is always room to grow your expertise and your knowledge. You know, you can’t get back the time that you wasted not taking action and not becoming a coach and not helping others. That time that you wasted, you’re never going to get it back, never! But knowledge? You can always grow your knowledge! Experience? You can always grow your experience! You can always get more information & you can always learn more. The best way to grow your knowledge, & grow your expertise, is by learning something, taking action and implementing it yourself and when you reach 100% capacity of learning something is when you teach it to others. So, everything I say & everything I talk about is something that I had to learn somewhere. Then I implemented it myself, are my experience and then I teach it. It can be something I learned a second ago, but it’s new information for you right. So again, you can always learn more but you can never take that time back. That time that you lost wondering, questioning yourself, hesitating, overthinking everything & thinking that you probably weren’t good enough. Stop wasting time, even if you don’t feel expert enough or good enough, take into consideration all the amazing things that you already know & think about all the amazing people that you could be helping already.

So let’s recap real quick.

Know that you only need to be one step ahead of your client.

Think about all the different ways that you can deliver your message.

There is always room for knowledge.

Here is the last thing I want to leave you with. This is my motto. If I can only educate one more person a day just a little bit, I can go to bed feeling satisfied! You can live by this too. You can start making an impact now!


Itzel Cuch

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