Are you confused about niching down your business? Are you confused about the route your business should be going to?

I started in the network marketing business. It was in the health niche. There were a lot of mentorships and it was awesome. As wonderful as it was, two years down the line, I knew something had to change.

We were health coaches and in addition to selling these products, we would also create meal plans and workout schedules for them. In spite of this, I noticed our customers would never follow through. They would spend a lot of dollars to buy these products but they would not use them.

I realized that my customers were struggling with their mindset more than their weight. This made me rediscover my love for teaching. I wanted to help people struggling this way. This led me to become an anxiety coach.

I started learning about business in addition to my experience. I wanted to help people achieve their life and business goals. I soon launched a program but it was a flop.

All the while, I knew I wanted to go into business.

Define Your Happy Tribe, Launch Like A Mother, The Happypreneur are examples of what I thought I wanted to do. I was messy and without direction. I felt like a joke and I started feeling ashamed. My inconsistency was starting to affect my morale.

The idea of niching down sounded idiotic to me because I wanted to do everything. Guess what? It wasn’t working for me. I soon realized I was limiting myself because I was scared. I thought (and wrongly so) that no one would want to listen to me.

Eventually, I gained clarity on what I wanted to do. I established myself as catering to a particular group (mommies) and that was how I was able to get my first client.

What is niching down?

This is knowing exactly what problems you are solving for a person.

My target audience has the problem of figuring out how to start their business. They are struggling in a world full of free courses and lots of information. I knew I wanted to help them design, plan, and start their business from scratch in a simple way.  I knew for myself, I couldn’t spend time in front of the computer all the time. I understood that I needed my business to be simple because I have two kids. I wanted to take care of my kids. I wanted a balanced life.

How do you stop being confused?

It’s not that you don’t know what you want. You don’t know how to make it happen.

I was so afraid of people coming to me for help which I couldn’t give to them. Health coaching was my comfort zone because it was easy for me to do.

What helped me make a decision was asking myself a question. If I wasn’t suffering from imposter’s syndrome, what would I do? Answering that truly gave me the nudge to clear my mindset blocks.  I discovered that there is always room to grow but you can never get back time.

Tips to help you decide on your niche

  1. Figure out the intention behind your actions. If your intentions are backed by fear and doubt, understand that you have a mind-set block. In other words, find the WHY behind why you make the decisions that you make.
  2. Don’t choose your niche based on scarcity. Entrepreneurship can be hard. This is why you need to do something based on your passion. If you choose a path that you assume to be profitable but doesn’t align with what you love, it might prove difficult for you.

Do not be embarrassed. Own your journey. Your audience would be grateful for your honesty.


Itzel Cuch

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