How to Grow your Audience

Although there is a lot of noise out there about the different tactics and strategies to get sales, your audience has to go through a process of know, like and trust to invest in what you are selling.

There are three aspects your business needs to focus on

  • Growing your authority and audience
  • Nurturing your audience
  • Selling to your audience

Can your audience like someone they don’t know? Can they trust someone they don’t like?

Network marketing taught me an aggressive form of marketing.

If I had used the tactics I learned during my network marketing years, my business will probably have skyrocketed. However, as much as I love my former line of work, I didn’t align with the marketing principles.

How to attract your audience

We need people to do business. It is not about the numbers but you need an audience that loves and trust you. Making sales is how you validate your business and to get people to buy from you, you need the right strategy.

There are two ways to put yourself out there

  • Attracting marketing

This type of marketing is not aggressive. It doesn’t invade people’s space.

One of the things I was taught as a network marketer that I hated was to write an overly familiar message, send to people I do not know, and get 100 customers in a day. The whole point of that strategy was “the more negative responses you get, the sooner your ‘yes’ will come.” Although that works for some people, it has never worked for me.

Attracting marketing is getting your audience to come to you instead of chasing after them. This is about positioning yourself as a leader and have people approach you because they love what you do.

Attracting marketing is publicity. This involves giving lots of free value. To make this work, you have to be clear and specific about your message.

I help mommies create a business from scratch so they can succeed – that is my specific message.

Attracting marketing requires you to build relationships with your audience and leverage your connection with them. Imagine showing up and asking people to join my programs without having a conversation with them. Not a far throw from my network marketing strategy!

  • Generating marketing

Think cold messaging, just like network marketing. You need high numbers for this method. That doesn’t guarantee you’ll convert into sales.

Here is the thing about people, we like to buy but we don’t like being sold to.

If you want to promote your products or services in a potential client’s DM, do it strategically. Focus on someone who has been following you for a while and has benefited from your free offers. Knowing this, have a conversation with them to know what they need. This information allows you to structure the solutions you would offer to look appealing. Thus converting into sales!

Now I’d like you to compare dropping messages into the DMs of people who do not know you to market a product they don’t connect with against offering free value to people and taking time to build strong relationships with them.

Which of these approaches do you think would encourage a potential customer to invest in you?

Don’t see your clients as dollar signs. Instead, see them as people you want to help and serve.


Itzel Cuch

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