About Me

Hey Girl, I am Itzel Cuch,

Cuch is just a nickname, but it sounds interesting doesn’t it?

Anyway, I am 31 years old, coffee lover, karaoke singer and stay at home mommy to a 1 year old baby. I’m also an aspiring hippie at heart lol

I always aspired for greater things. Since I was small I remember selling cookies from my mom’s bakery shop. I’d put them in a ziplock bag and offered them to my neighbors for .50 cents. I always wanted to be independent. I always wanted to know I had earned my money. Through the rest of my life I have been doing soooo much sh*t. I’ve been a photographer, videographer, event coordinator, sold weight loss etc…. I know I wanted to be my own boss but I never had direction. I hate having a boss and telling me what to do. So…. yeah!

Being diagnosed with Panic Disorder, I thought I was crippled. Even my dear husband (who loves me and I’m sure he never says things to hurt me) thought I wasn’t able to raise a kid because of my anxiety. I mean, how could I blame him for thinking like that when I thought that as well.

I started getting better, studying myself, learning, growing self awareness and overcoming my anxiety. Then Ezequiel was born and that is when something spiked up. I knew I had to be the best version of myself in order to give him the best of me. It didn’t come from one day to the other. It has been a process. It has taken me years to come to where I am now, mentally and emotionally but my mental health has not been better, since I decided to take life by the horns and become my own BOSS!

Since then I have

  • Learned how to overcome anxiety, fear and put myself out there. (even with panic disorder)
  • Launched my coaching business.
  • Woken up excited about life, every single freakin day!

It’s time for you to Launching Like A Boss! You will have no problem doing this because I am here to help you out!