4 Steps To Starting a Profitable Online Coaching Business – Simple & Low Budget

So, you’ve been lingering around the idea of starting an online coaching business. It’s been on your mind for quite some time. You keep seeing all these successful coaches changing their lives right in front of your eyes. Making lots of money, living their best life, being their own boss and you know it is just what you want! You know you have the potential to make this for yourself. But, how the hell did they do it? Where do you even start? Girl, I got you! When I first decided to leave Network Marketing and jump into the coaching industry, I was so excited and scared as hell! Crap! I’m really doing this. I was used to being mentored every single week with daily support when I was doing MLM and then all of a sudden I was going to follow a new path, taking life by the horns, doing this damn thing and following my heart and dreams, yet I was gonna do it all alone.

All these questions went through my mind.
How do I start a coaching business?
What am I even going to teach people?
Is online coaching even profitable?
Is my idea even profitable?
How much do online coaches really make?
How much do I have to invest?

If these questions are running all over your head, here are some quick answers for you.
You’ll learn how to start one with this post!
You are going to teach people whatever you are passionate about and know best!
Online coaching is very profitable!
Your idea is super profitable and I’m going to help you make that possible!
You decide how much money you want to make and how profitable your business will be!
You decide how much or little you invest in your business!

So with that out of the way, let’s dive in. In this blog post I will be teaching you how to start a profitable online coaching business in the simplest way. No overwhelm, no stress and without having to invest thousands of dollars before you start making an income for yourself. Ready? Let’s go!

Step 1: What? What is your business?

The first step is to figure out what your business is. Sometimes we overcomplicate business. We think we have to have this fancy website, fancy social media, lots of followers, crazy luxurious overwhelming funnels, ads everywhere and even a big team of people working for you. Girl, that is not the heart of a business. A business is simply a solution to a problem. So my question to you is, what problem can you solve? What is something you people are struggling with that you know you can help them overcome? Are you really good at motivating people? Are you really good at graphic design? Are you really good at relationships? The easiest way to figure this out is by asking yourself, what is something you already do on the daily? What is something people usually come to you for?
For me it was super easy. I have always loved to help people push themselves out of their comfort zone to follow their dreams. That combined with the knowledge I have around creating a website, creating graphics and a few more techy stuff I created my business to help women get past procrastination so they can launch their business with confidence. Then I went a little deeper and added that i’d help them do it in a very simple, low budget and lazy kind of way. Because, that’s the best kind of life ever right?

So, grab your pen and a journal and start writing all the things you are passionate about. The things you love to talk about. The things you love to help people with. Then write down all your skills. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or not. Skills can always be developed and you always have room for growth. You just need to be a few steps ahead of where your clients are. You just need to know something they don’t because that is what you are going to help them with. Then start thinking of the things people are struggling with. What would people pay you to help them with? What will people pay you to do? Write it all down and start putting things together so you come up with the perfect idea for your business. Things can change along the way, but the most important thing is to start!

Step 2: Who? Who are you going to serve?

The next step is to figure out who you will be serving. Have you heard of the phrase, if you try to sell to everyone, you end up selling to no one. Although I don’t believe it’s entirely true, I do believe it does make sense to think about who your ideal client is. Now, this isn’t something that you are just going to make up in your head and then only try to sell to that person and be closed to ONLY work with that person. What this implies is, figuring out who you would connect with the most, target to that audience, but be completely open to work with anyone who connects with you!
For me, I target stay at home moms, but I have worked with non moms as well. The reason I target mommies, is because I connect with them. I am a mommy, building a business from home while also taking care of a toddler and expecting a baby girl soon. I know exactly what a mommy is going through because I am right there with them. However, if someone who isn’t a mommy, feels connected to me and knows in their heart that I can help them, I am always open to work with them and make great things happen.

So, grab a pen and a journal and write down who this amazing person is. You can even give her a name if you want. What does she do? Where does she work? What is she struggling with? What are the words that she needs to hear in order to get motivated to work with you?

A quick hint: Usually your ideal client is yourself a few steps behind. Think of yourself a few years back. Where were you? What were you feeling? What did you need? What did you want to achieve? This is the best way to start writing content that will attract your tribe. The people that will be your audience and potentially convert into your paying clients.

Step 3: Where? Where are you going to show up?

Now it’s time to figure out, where are you going to make this happen? Where are you going to start building this audience to connect with. This is where you start building the know, like & trust process with your potential clients. People buy from people they trust. You can’t just show up one day and say, I’m a Business Coach, pay me 5 thousand dollars to work with me! You have to start building connections and this is how you do it. We have so many amazing platforms that are completely free that will help you do this. Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn.

So where do you have to do it? What is the most effective? There isn’t a right or wrong answer here. The most effective platform is the one that you will put your effort on. This is only going to happen if you love what you do. For example, you might see a very successful coach that used Youtube as her platform and so you believe that this is the place for you to be. Truth is, you hate talking to a camera. This will not work for you, even if it worked for them because you simply won’t enjoy it.

Every platform has different features and different audiences. Think about what you enjoy best. Do you like writing? Do you enjoy just talking without showing your face? Do you love taking photos? Do you love talking to a camera? It’s important that you truly love and enjoy this because it’s the best way you are going to present yourself so people can connect with you.

Step 4: How? How will you take them through the know, like and trust process?

This is the process you need to take your potential clients so that they can trust you enough to buy from you. This is where a funnel comes in. Now, I know you probably see lots of fancy funnels out there on the internet. Most are on auto mode, but what you don’t know is that they can be pretty expensive. If you want a simple, low budget yet effective funnel to bring clients to buying from you, I have a very simple recipe for you.

Social Media > Freebie > Email List > Offer

It truly can be a super simple process. You create something that they will get for free in exchange for their email, where you can start connecting with them (without spamming) and offer your services. Your freebie should be something very valuable. Something that gives them a quick and amazing result or transformation, that it makes it a no brainer to work with you. You want them to think “WOW, if I got this much value from something that is free, I can only imagine how much more value I can get from actually working with her”.

Creating and building an email list can be very easy. I have this super amazing resource that you can get for free. It shows you how you can create and set up your first freebie so you can start collecting emails.

Once you have people on your email list, it doesn’t really matter if you have 5 people or 1,000 people. What is really important is that you connect with them on a deep level. That you give them so much value in your emails that they get to know you, like you and trust you to the point where when you offer your services, it’s easy for them to purchase.

Now, you are probably wondering, when is the actual time to start selling then? Answer: As soon as you know what your service is and who you want to cater to. Even if you have 100 or 5 people following you. If you connect with them, you can make sales.

So now it’s time to launch. Right?

You got all this in place, but now what? It’s time to build those connections. You can’t have a business if there are no sales and you can’t have sales without people. So start connecting. Now, I also believe that there is no right or wrong way to do this. Do you like to DM people straight to their inbox and that feels easy to you? GO RIGHT AHEAD! Do you prefer to have people come to you instead, then do that! As long as you are connecting. As long as you aren’t just posting a photo to instagram and just expecting for people to magically appear. This is why social media is so important and so useful. All you have to do is be social. Show people who you are, let people know that you exist and that you are there to help them.

So there you have it! SIMPLE! Will it take consistency and commitment? Of course, but it doesn’t have to be hard. All you have to do is create a simple system that will work for you.

Love, Itzel Cuch

Are you still feeling overwhelmed and not sure of exactly how to create a business and start making money? Then I have something to share with you. I know that you want to get started NOW without feeling overwhelmed, and I also know that you can do it and that you can totally start making money! How? I’ve been there. I was investing thousands of dollars in courses that only got me more overwhelmed. There was so much to do. There was so much strategy. So many tasks. So much stress even just thinking about. Here is the thing. I’ve figured out how to launch a business with confidence in the simplest kind of way, that still gave me amazing results. Without overwhelm, without stress, without feeling like I had to have a million tasks to do that still got me nowhere and kept me stuck in the same place for a long time. Do you want to finally stop the craziness and launch a profitable online business successfully while still bossing it up in your pjs?
That’s what THE SIMPLE LAUNCH group coaching program is all about.

It is a 6 week course to literally hand you the simplest strategies, tools, mindset shifts and insights you NEED in order to launch your business and start making an income right away! The program starts March 15th and the last day to join is March 14th. Can’t wait to see you overcome all the doubts and start pursuing the life of your dreams!

3 Mindset Shifts to Live a Healthy & Happy Life

First thing I have to say is that, most of our health and happiness is 100% our own responsibility. 

If there are 2 things I can have complete control of is how I take care of my health and deciding to be happy. 

When it comes to health, I might not be in control of how long I live, or having an accident. However, I am in control of how I nurture and care for my body.

When it comes to happiness, again, I’m not in control of my surroundings but I am in complete control of how I decide to feel and the way I decide to handle situations.

I’ve been training to become an NLP practitioner and these are just some of the takeaways I have gotten from what I have been studying so far. As well, as learning from life experiences and lessons.

Cause is greater than Effect.

One of the biggest mistakes we make in life is thinking that we have to live in the effects of all the things surrounding us. When we learn that we can actually be the cause of the way we live our life, this. can be so empowering. So, it’s important to always ask ourselves, How am I at cause for this? 

Where am I responsible for what is going on in my life right now and how can I CAUSE for things to change?

This quick mindset shift can really be a big game changer for us. 

For example, if you are a few lbs overweight, we can simply blame everything around us. Right? However, if we decide, we can ask ourselves, how am I at cause for this? Why did I gain weight? Again, like I said in the beginning, if there is something we can have completely control of, is of how we nurture our bodies. We didn’t gain weight out of nowhere, just because! It was our eating habits that led to this effect. 

Same thing with our happiness. How am I at cause for my unhappiness? Am I in a relationship that sucks the life out of me? Even if the other person is causing you to be in emotional pain, we are still in control of how long we decide to stay in that relationship, or in any other situation that we are not happy with.

It’s not about what you lose, it’s about what you gain. 

The new year comes and we are decided to eating healthy because we have new fitness goals and so we start thinking “I have to let go of pancakes, donuts, soda and all the yummy foods we love. This is what causes our minds to put resistance because our subconscious cannot process the negatives. 

For example, if I tell you right now, do

Not think of a red pen, even tho I just told you NOT to think of a red pen, I am 100 percent sure that you just pictured a red pen. Unconsciously of course. Again, this is because our subconscious doesn’t process the DO NOT, it only processed the red pen.

So, if you keep thinking, I cannot eat donuts, or telling yourself NOT to think of donuts, all your mind is going to focus on, is on the donuts and you will crave it even more. 

If instead you decide to focus on what you will gain from eating healthy, your subconscious will focus just on that and the process will be a lot easier. 

Focus on, why you decided to eat healthy in the first place. Like, fitting into that little black dress, having more energy, or simply feeling better. 

You can also start focusing on healthy alternatives to the food you love. Like protein donuts and wheat pancakes. So that you are not thinking about you think you have to lose or let go of and start focusing on how much amazing things you will gain from this new healthy lifestyle.

When your car runs out of gas, you don’t leave your car, you fill it up again.

There will come times where you may feel like giving up on yourself. Give up on eating healthy because “it’s too damn hard” or “nothing is working like I want it to”. Your motivation will be gone, your energy will be low and you might feel like your self love jar is empty. When this happens, think of yourself as your car. Your car will run out of gas and when that happens, you not just going to leave the car on the side of the road. You are going to fill it up with gas, in order to keep going. This is going to happen your entire life! For as long as you own a car, you will have to keep filling it up with gas over and over again in order to keep advancing towards your destinations.

Same thing with yourself. You will keep running out of energy, strength and/or motivation. We just need to keep on fueling ourselves up every single time in order to keep advancing. 

Stop quitting in yourself and fill yourself up!

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How Anxiety is costing you Clients & Profit

Anxiety manifests in many ways. A lot we can identify and a lot we just don’t even know where it’s coming from. In today’s blog I want to talk a little about how anxiety manifests in 3 different ways and how it is costing you clients and profit in your business and how you can start overcoming this. Anxiety can be a very normal thing and is very common in early stage entrepreneurs. It’s very important to understand that it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing . It’s also very important to understand that we don’t have to let it stop us either.

I also think is really important that I mention, that sometimes we focus on learning more or creating more. We think a new freebie, a new challenge, a lot of content, a new course or a new course is going to finally make us move forward in our business. Sometimes we already have the knowledge and the skills but anxiety can paralyze us like I mention in many different ways. So, if you are feeling stuck, it’s time to slow down a little and acknowledge that maybe we already have enough material in order to start making money. We just need to overcome these limiting blocks that in a way have us paralyzed.

Impostor Syndrome

Impostor Syndrome keeps you from showing up in your full ability and potential. Keeps you playing small. It stops you from understanding your full worth and makes you think your success is the result of luck and forces beyond yourself rather than taking credit for the skills, talent and effort you’ve put into building your business.

What you can do! Journal – 10 wins on your business since you started, How will your business change lives and how will your business have an impact in the world.

Fear of Judgement or Failure-

Fear is an unconscious reaction to things that seem like danger. Fear is a good thing that keeps us alive. It’s not ever about becoming fearless, it’s about discerning fear that helps you from fear that just stops you. There are 3 responses of fear- fight, flight, freeze. Fear is what stops you from crossing the street if a car is passing by, it keeps you safe. However, fear of going live on instagram or reaching out to potential clients is fear that doesn’t serve you a real purpose. There is no real danger there and the worst thing that can happen is just an emotion that doesn’t have to have any real dark meaning in your life.

What you can do! Journal- What am I afraid of doing? Why am I afraid of doing that? What is the worst that can happen? And if this happens… how will that truly affect my business. Ex. Going live! Pitching to a client.


Disguised as procrastination, it is deeply seeded in uncertainty and second guessing yourself. It comes from insecurities associated with imposter syndrome and being unsure of your value. It also presents itself if you are not having enough clarity about what you are offering. Your audience don’t know what you’re giving them, so the longer you hold back the more money you’re missing out on making more money and the more people you’re not helping. You’re not as paralyzed as you think you are. The more you do something the more confident you get. The more confident you get the more you do something. Start thinking what 2020 will look like and the steps you need to take towards that.

What you can do! Confidence runway. Think of your goal to achieve and start thinking of small little steps you can start taking to grow your confidence.

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In today’s video I talk about 4 morning habits that could really get you in a good mood. Life is unpredictable and we can’t control the things that happen in life, however, we can control how we react. The best way to get the best out of ourselves and make the best decisions is by being the the best mindset and mood as possible.











First of all, what is identity? Is it what you do? Is it where you work? Your identity is who you are as a person. Not a role. When it comes to motherhood, it is so easy to mistake being a mom for it being our entire identity. That is when depression comes and we start to feel lost and confused. Your identity is basically a bundle of your values, beliefs, personality and the things that define you and make you recognizable.

This next video was in collaboration with Erin May Henry. She has been my mentor in business and branding, for a few months now and now I have the pleasure and honor to collab with her. She shares some amazing tips on how to find your identity and how to reconnect with yourself. So go watch her video once you finish watching this one, where I myself share 3 tips on how to find your identity as a stay at home mom.


Staying away from the kids, away from the chores, from the husband and everything that has to do with ‘momming’ can really help you rediscover and reconnect with yourself. No matter what hobby it is. I personally got a part time job in order to have some time away from home. I didn’t took it as a job, I took it as a hobby and that is what helped me find balance and helped me remember I was more than only being a mom.


It can be very easy to look at other moms and think that their life is perfect. Think that they have it all together. The thing is, that is not true at all. We don’t have it all together. Non of us. We are all just doing the best we can, with what we have. Comparing ourselves to others can make us start acting different. Start wanting to be someone we are not. We start losing ourselves because we might feel that the way we are handling things is not good enough. We lose our own identity trying to become someone else so we can serve our family better. Be true to yourself and your values. Everything is different for everyone. Do what works for you and your family only.


As our children grow, they change and so do our values, beliefs and methods. We start learning new things. Every stage in life brings a different set of struggles and lessons to learn. If you are feeling a bit lost as your children grow, make sure you are still staying tuned in with your inner self. Raise self awareness. Journal, meditate and be more mindful. Check in with how you feel. What has changed? Have I changed? Change is good and change is not a bad thing. Sometimes our identity might be shifting and we feel lost and confused because we are stuck in our old selves. Thinking that, that is the way we are supposed to stay. Embrace change and keep checking in with yourself as life goes on.

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Last week I had a huge wake up call. Although I was very good at knowing what I needed to do, I totally was not even implementing these things in my life. So as I am getting back on the health wagon, I am super excited to share all my health tips so you can stay on track with me. So here are 5 tips to stay healthy as a stay at home mom.


If you are like me, I know you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen every single day. So maybe choosing one day out of the week and spending a little extra time to meal prep can help with that. As well, as making it easy to stay on point. Rather than being so hungry, not having time to cook and ending up eating a hamburguer from a drive thru.


Now, I don’t have big children but I have seen my sisters struggle with this, so I included this tip for you. I know it is super hard to say no to our kids and most of the time what our kids want is a bag of hot cheetos and cookies. Not very healthy. By going grocery shopping alone, it is easier to make healthier choices when it comes to the food and snacks you will have a around the house.


When we go shopping while being hungry we tend to just really want to put anything in our mouth. Make sure you eat before going shopping for better decision making.


Having things on hand and easy for us to just reach out, will make it much easier to snack on healthy food. Snacking is important to keep our metabolism going and feeling energized through the day. Also having easy access to water can help stay hydrated. I know I struggle with that.


No excuses! If you plan to workout at home, you might end up with a crying baby asking for a bottle, a school boy asking for help with homework, etc. By (1) putting some skin ($$) on it, you might be pushed to actually make it to the gym and (2) having childcare will help you stay concentrated and actually finish at least a good 20 – 30 minutes of workout.



OK! SO, I had a complete different video recorded for today but it really didn’t feel aligned to post it. Since it is something that I have a good amount of knowledge in but am not implementing in my life. I had a huge wake up call las night when I couldn’t walk because I had a horrible pain in my lower back. Every time I gain weight, this happens. However, it hadn’t happen since way before I had the baby. I am now a mother, with a lot of other matters that depend on my health being at it’s best. So it got me thinking, when it comes to taking care of my mental health, do I have to say no to other areas of my life? HELL NO! It is essential, for a good quality of life, to implement self care in all areas of our lives. Body, Mind & Soul. SO, then I dug deeper and started thinking of all the things we start neglecting and the actions that we start taking all with the purpose of “protecting our mental health”. So I decided to record this video for you instead. Something that felt more real for me at the moment and something to take into consideration. So here are 5 things that you shouldn’t do when you are working on your mental health. Through the video my son is literally going crazy. Screaming, singing, tapping and throwing things all over the place. So, I’d truly appreciate if you could really just give this mommy a clap for getting things done, even when her boy is going crazy, has had a cold for 2 weeks and is now walking like an old lady because her back is in pain!

It is so easy to get angry and think we have the right to be a jerk to other people all with the purpose of protecting our mental health. Although we should do all in our power to be happy and relaxed, we also we must practice compassion, love and humbleness when working on our mental health. Specially when it comes to the people around us. Some people don’t understand how our brain works and that is ok. Practice being understanding. Whatever we put out into the world is what we will get back.

Although we always need some time for ourselves for things like meditation, journaling, winding down, reconnecting with our inner selves or simply practicing stillness, it is still very necessary to connect with other people. To love, enjoy and embrace the happiness that other people have to share.

I had a huge wake up call. I was neglecting my health massively and my overweight cause for my back to be in so much pain that I couldn’t walk. Being physically at your best is essential to happily play outside with your kids, have great sex with your husband or simply being able to go work (I couldn’t open my nutrition club today, which is a one woman show) to support our family.

We may sometimes feel shitty, irritated and grumpy. NEVER, blame others for how you feel. We must start taking responsibility for our own actions and feelings. I used to blame other people for not understanding that I had a mental illness. I would get anxiety and start shutting people off, hating on other people when in reality it was all on me. At the end of the day, we are responsible for our own happiness.

Compassion my love! COMPASSION! We are all human beings, no one is perfect and things will never be perfect. We will fail sometimes. I could sit here and punish myself for neglecting the physical area of my life and hate myself for doing that. Instead I will love myself. Understand that I am human and that this is only an opportunity for me to learn and to start making healthier decision when it comes to my eating habits.


How to really turn your Life around and start living the life of your dreams!

Ok girl, so if you are here it’s either because I appeared in some kind of social media platform and I seduced you to open this up oooooor, you searche for “HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE”. Am I right?

I used to do this all the time. Youtube, Pinterest, blogger… everywhere! How the hell do I change my life. I was miserable, feeling sorry for myself and I felt worthless. I scrolled endesly through social media, hoping I could have the perfect life that all the influencers shared. I was hoping for some kind of 3 step method to change your life entirely. I wanted to live a dream life.

I scrolled and searched and watched, yet nothing hit my soul. Nothing would give me the answers I was looking for. Why? Why couldn’t I start living the life of my dreams? Why did good things never happen to me? Why did everyone else have to be so perfect?

It wasn’t until I started making these changes that I finally realized how I really could change my life around. How I could really start living the life of my dreams. A fabulous life of success and fulfillment. Now, I’m not going to come on here and lie to you and say that all of a sudden I started making millions of dollars and lost 50 lbs and now my life is perfect. Hell No! The 50 lbs are still lingering and I am still on the process of building my business, but am I living a totally different life that I love and enjoy and makes me feel fucking fabulous? Hell yes! Want to know my secrets? Want to know how I went from living miserably to actually taking my life back and turning it around? Then keep on reading! These key points are short, but if you implement them into your life… I can guarantee, you will change your life.

  1. First of all, if you want to live the life of your dreams, you have to make sure they are your dreams and your dreams only. Not social media inspired. Not youtuber life. Not something you saw on a netflix movie. Think of when you were a child. What would you dream of? How did you imagine your life to be? We get so intoxicated with social media and its influence on the world. We end up thinking that influencers have the perfect life and that we should copy them. However, we end up feeling discouraged, thinking “nothing really works out for me. I am a failure! Why do I even try?” You wanna know why it will never work for you? Because it is not you. It is not your dream! It is not aligned with what you were meant to be. It is not the life that matches your DNA! So stop comparing yourself to influencers because guess what? Their life isn’t perfect either. Is it amazing? Yeah, maybe…. but you are only seeing 20% of their real life. You would see that it isn’t perfect and that if they are living a happy and amazing life, is purely because they decided to stay pure to their own dreams and goals.
  2. The life of your dreams is not perfect. So this might go hand in hand with what I said in number one. Just like influencers don’t have a perfect life, you won’t either. Life will never be perfect. We will always have struggles, we will always face doubts and fears. Living the life of your dreams will come when you learn how to face them. When you learn to keep going throught the obstacles and the struggles. No body has it easy. Do some people struggle to get to the top more than others? Yes, but that’s just because we all have different mindsets and different journeys to travel. At the end of the day, we all have to go through a journey in order to get to the top. Enjoy the struggles. They make you wiser and stronger.
  3. Start implementing new healthy habits and letting go of the bad ones. It is as easy as that. You can’t expect your life to change if you keep having the same bad habits. You can’t expect to lose weight if you don’t eat healthy and exercise. This is the easiest step in your path to changing your life. Sticking to new habits might be a little harder but you just gotta see what works for you. Go online, go see what habits successful people are doing and implement them into your life. You don’t have to wake up at 5 am if that doesn’t work for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great morning routine. Even if your morning routine is at 10 am. You don’t have to go vegan if that doesn’t tickle your pickle. It’s all about knowing your body, knowing your mind and soul. Applying what feels right and what feels aligned.
  4. The most important part of this is to understand that even tho you might feel happier, more relaxed, fulfilled or just plain different, you will still be you. You dont have to and realisticly you will never be able to turn into someone else in order to live a different lifestyle. You, as you are now, are worthy of feeling happy. You are worthy of having a fabulous life. You are worthy of having the amazing life you have always wanted. You don’t have to change you. It is one thing to change certain habits, but at the end of the day your intrinsic value has always been there and will always stay within you. Never, EVER feel like you aren’t worthy of change. Like you aren’t worthy of all the good and wonderful things life has to offer. There is enough for everyone to have abundance of love, money and happiness. Keep searching. Keep digging. Keep creating habits. Keep working on yourself. You might find a better version of yourself… but at the end of the day it will still be the amazing, beautiful you that you are!

If you are looking to start changing your life. If you are ready to take that step into happiness and living the life you deserve to live, stay tuned for my Group Coaching Program launching in June. You deserve so much love, hope, clarity and fabulousness. I guess that’s not a real word but I just made it one! I love you and remember that there is no road to happiness. Happiness is the way!

Itzel Cuch

Dealing with Life Changes

In the past year, I have gone to a lot of life changes. Things were crazy. I was a bit lost and confused and even tho change is hard, uncomfortable and scary, sometimes it is necessary. It was for me. I went from having my own place, to living at my sister’s with just half of my clothes and my baby (and baby stuff). I went from network marketing to starting an online coaching business. Moved again into my parents house. Started a new local business and now moving into a new apartment of my own again. My husband was working cross country for 9 months. So I was basically alone. Yes, I had his support in all the decisions that I made, but at the end of the day, it was just me and my baby.

It wasn’t easy. A lot of doubt, fear, depression and anxiety surfaced. However, I managed to come out as better me. I was able to go through. Today I want to share with you how I did it. You can watch the video on my YT channel were I talk about this. However in this blog I want to share with you 3 things I implemented in my life in order to deal with all the changes and the struggles that come with it.

1. Make sure to stay in tune with yourself. You need to take the time and effort to stay connected to your feelings. You can do this through journaling, meditation or simply taking time for yourself. A long shower, bath or a walk. Whatever you need to feel into your feelings. When we are not tuning in, our feelings can be mistaken. When I was going through these changes, it came a time where I hated my husband or so I thought. However, I was mistaken. Of course I don’t hate my husband. I love him but there were times where we would get very stressed out and I’d mistaken feeling irritated with feeling hate. These ate two completely different feelings. The only way to actually figure that out is by checking in with yourself.

2. Be unapologetic about your needs! Basically, just do what you need to do, whenever you need to do it. If you need time to cool off (the irritated feeling) or if you need time for your self to de stress, do it. Most importantly, don’t feel sorry for it. We need to really take time te reset, rest and decompose all the things and thoughts that are going through our head. Never apologize for taking time for yourself. Remember self care is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Change is difficult. Change is uncomfortable. It is difficult to digest. Take time off and don’t ask for permission.

3. Accept the fact that at the end, you might not be entirely the same person. Although your authentic self will remain the same, we sometimes end up changing our beliefs and values in life. Our feelings change, our thoughts and our relationships. The people that were there, might not be still there till the end and you need to be ok with that. When it comes to things outside of YOU, you need to understand that some things come to your life to serve a purpose and then they might be gone after that. Accept the change (only if it’s for the better) and move forward. I wouldn’t have survived if I hadn’t learned this. Lastly, I want to tell you that even tho change can be painful, eventually, with time, pain will end. Change comes to serve a purpose. Wether it is to make you wiser, stronger, softer or more humble, every struggle comes with a lesson. Open your heart and mind to always figure out the purpose and I promise you, change won’t be as scary! Love, ItzelCuch

Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride

Hey there! Today I was so inspired this morning while I was journaling. I was writing what I was grateful for and I remembered that yesterday my husband gave me a ride to work and I felt so grateful for it. 

Now you might be thinking this is silly. How can you be grateful for something so simple, right? Here is the thing, 11 months ago my husband left me and my 3 month old baby boy to go work cross country. He spent 9 months in Buffalo New York, sending us money weekly so we could pay the bills and pay past debts. Money was not an issue in those times, however, my life with the baby was a one woman show. I have to admit that even tho this experience made me a lot more independent, it still was exhausting. I was tired. Carrying the baby everywhere with me and driving the car everywhere. Now, if you are a first time mommy, you will totally understand what I am talking about. Yes, they are simple stuff buy the you are doing this all on your own, it can get exhausting.

My husband came back 2 months ago and I went from stay at home mom to now opening up a local Business, running my online side hustle and having a part time job. 

I love my life entirely and I truly love everything that I am doing. It feels aligned at the moment and I thrive. I wake up at 5:30 am every morning, do some journaling, reading, get ready and to keep going through the day till 11 pm I rely on tea, coffee and a 20 min nap at mid day. It’s amazing and exhausting. I finish my day feeling achieved and drained at the same time. Most importantly, absolutely happy. 

So, yesterday, after I closed up my nutrition club and ran some errands (we are also in the process of moving to a new apartment, so things are crazier than ever) I went home and took a 20 minute nap before heading to my part time job. I was sitting in the dining table feeding my now one year old saying, “Oh God I am so tired, I don’t even want to drive”. My husband without a thought said “You want me to take you?”. Independent Itzel thought “No, I have my own car. Why waste more gas in extra trips?”. I was about to say no, but then my tired Itzel said “You then pick me up afterwards?”. My aunt cracked up and said sarcastically “No, you can stay over there and spend the night there”. We all cracked up. They were more laughing at me for being so drowsy and clumsy with my words. 

We got in the car and he drove me to work. It was so nice to sit back and just enjoy a ride. I put my phone down and I rested in his arm like the old times when we were just boyfriend and girlfriend. Even now, as I am writing this, I am getting emotional just remember how good it felt. 

You see, sometimes we forget how good certain things feel. We take for granted little moments like those. The little moments that add up and make up our entire life.

The ride to work was so much fun. We laughed, we sang songs, played around a bit. It was like falling in love with him all over again. 

Life happens. Things change. One moment you are super in love, can’t get enough of each other (blink blink, you know what I mean?). The next moment you have a kid to take care of, errands to run, a house to clean, a business to run and we simply forget to find the times that feel good. To find the times where you can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

When he picked me up after work, he didn’t go home. He took me to eat pizza (because he probably knew I needed it). Then we went home, he massaged my back and I knocked out. This morning I woke up in the best mood ever. Motivated and inspired. 

Sometimes we go through life hustling, working hard, sacrificing so much to achieve success. Cleaning, Moping, Feeding.  There is no better way to keep going than to do the things that make you feel good. Love and enjoy your family. At the end of the day, they are the true motive why you are trying to succeed in life. They are the motive why you want your house nice and clean. Why you want that dinner ready. Why you want to become the best version of yourself.

Until next time, remember Happiness is the Way!

I love you 

Itzel Cuch