Having a morning routine while being a mom can be super difficult to try to create. Simply because we hear the word routine and we feel like we have to do everything as a robot. Wake up at 5 am. Have coffee by 5:15 am. Journal from 5:20 to 5:40. Meditate from 5:40 – 6 am. Have breakfast by 6:30 am.

Oh my do I remember those days when I tried to have everything timed out and perfect.

It’s enough work to figure out what you will be cooking for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To top it off if you are reading this you probably are starting or already running your own business. Which is why you are here. Because you want a routine that will empower you. That will set you up for the day. That will make you feel good. Ready to take on the world. Ready to feel like a CEO that runs her business with ease and flow right?

This was something that I truly struggled with. Trying to get a perfect morning routine that would do that for me. I thought that I had to be super mindful and super spiritual and have this perfect routine set out. Wake up super early to journal and meditate and be super high on life AF!

Here is the truth, being a mom is hard. Sometimes you get sleep. Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you feel like waking up early and sometimes you don’t. That is the truth about mom life. It’s ok to accept that this is our reality and that we can find a way to make things work. Even if we want to sleep in a little more!

This is why I decided to create this blog post talking about how I have structured my  morning routine and how you can do it too, without feeling overwhelmed and stressed out about it. That is not the point of a morning routine. It is the complete opposite.

So, let’s get to it.

The first think you need to do, is figure out your intention for your morning routine. Why is this important? What do you want to get out of a morning routine? Is there something specific you want to work on. Do you want every single morning to be the same? Do you want to try new things out?

I have decided for me, that I don’t want to stick with just one thing. So, I have set me some different things I want to work on. For example, Monday, Wednesday & Friday my intention is to feel abundant through my day. So I focus my mornings on money mindset. Tuesday and Thursday I want to tap into the person that is healthy and has healthy habits. So I work on mindset for healthy living. Saturday is all about self-loving and Sunday is a completely FREE day. Meaning, I just let my body and mind do as it pleases.

So figure out what it is that you want to get from your morning routines and set out your intention for it.

This is super important because sometimes we try to incorporate things that don’t match with our time. Let’s be realistic here. If your child has a rough night, couldn’t sleep and therefore you couldn’t get any sleep, do you really think you are up to waking up super early in the morning to start your morning routine? I personally couldn’t. Waking up at a time when my body needs more rest defies the purpose of a morning routine. It makes me feel angry, irritated and not in my best energy.

Set yourself a time that feels good but that also gives you that alone time. For example, my son wakes up around 9 or 10 am. This is why I wake up around 8 or 8:30 am, so I have at least 30 minutes to an hour for myself. This is obviously different for everyone. So work with your schedule. Waking up at 5 am, for me feels unrealistic and not fun at all. My son can get super hyper at night and while he still doesn’t go to school, I can’t really tire him enough to put him to bed earlier. So what does your schedule with your children look like? Do they go to school? Do they wake up super early? Can you find even 20 minutes for yourself in the morning to do your morning routine.

Once you have an idea around how much time you have for yourself, it’s time to decide what to do with that time. I used to want to do meditation, visualization, journaling, tapping and a few other things in my morning routine. Honestly, instead of feeling super good afterwards, I felt like I had to be in a hurry to get things done before my son woke up and it was just so frkn exhausting. Sometimes he would wake up and I couldn’t finish my routine. Leaving me feel frustrated and I kept making myself wake up earlier. I didn’t get enough sleep and things just didn’t work for me.

I now personally use NLP techniques on myself. NLP provides subconscious changes that can last for a lifetime and can be done in a matter of just a few minutes. In the beginning of the week I figure out what things I want to work on. Limiting decisions, limiting beliefs, negative feelings etc. and I decide what technique I want to use and I put it into my calendar.


If you don’t know anything about NLP you can decide if you want to do journaling, visualizing or maybe a guided meditation you can find on youtube. Remember to think of how much time you have for yourself and take this time into consideration when thinking about what tools you want to use for a morning routine.


Life is unpredictable. Babies are unpredictable. Business is unpredictable. WE ARE UNPREDICTABLE. So be open for change. Know that it’s ok if sometimes you don’t feel like working on your ritual. If you want to sleep in every now and then do that. Don’t put yourself into a box thinking that just because you missed one day you have failed at it.

I can assure you that all these influencers you see out there have missed their morning routines a lot of times. They sleep in. They go to bed late. They wake up and go straight to get a burrito from stripes instead of a healthy breakfast. Know that not being perfect means perfection. No matter how strange that sounds.

Don’t Attach Yourself to a Timed Schedule if it doesn’t feel good.

I used to be so frkn obsessed with wanting to have time blocks for my morning routine. Hear me out, I truly believe time blocks help when you are trying to work on your business. Maybe wanting to get a certain task done or creating a new project. Time blocks work perfect for that. However, they don’t really work in a morning routine. At least not for everyone. So if you see that it’s not working for you, don’t do it.

Define what you want to get out of your morning, set yourself a time to do it, figure out what you want to do in that time and give yourself the freedom to do it in a very blissful way.

Here is how my morning routine looks like

I wake up around 8 or 9 AM

 In my morning routine I have:

Drinking coffee

NLP technique/guided meditation/journaling (whichever feels applicable)

Checking/Planning my To-Do list for the day

Breakfast 🙂

I have around one hour to two hours to do this. I try to keep my NLP techniques or meditations in the 20 – 25 minute range.  

At first it was a bit hard trying to not keep up with the time while at the same time getting things done in time. However, once I kept doing this every single morning, my subconscious started turning this into a habit and running in automatic. Subconsciously, my internal clock sets in and it’s not a problem I consciously worry about.

Then my kids wake up, I feed them and I’m usually ready to work by 11 or 12 pm.

We don’t have to become robots. We can work on our growth, mindset & personal development without doing it in a robotic way. It can be blissful, easy & with flow.

Live Your Bliss!

How to Start an Online Coaching Business

I remember when I first opened the windows to online coaching. I had been in network marketing for a few years and I loved helping people. I was a wellness coach and helped people lose weight through the company’s products and providing meal plans & workouts to my clients. However, I felt like I needed to help people in a much deeper way. A lot of my client’s would ghost on me. Others had a really hard time reaching their goals. I kept asking myself, why is it so difficult? You have the product, you have the meal plans and the workouts. Yet, people were still struggling to stick by it. I then joined a membership to learn more about online selling.

This is when I learned that there was an entire world of online coaches out there. Business coaches, marketing coaches, sales coaches, life coaches, anxiety coaches, relationship coaches, sex coaches, PCOS coaches, manifestation coaches, self love coaches, mindset coaches, life coaches, success coaches and the list goes on and on and on! I was mesmerized about the immense world of coaches in all the different fields. This is when I knew I had to expand my wings. I didn’t just want to sale products, I wanted to EMPOWER women.

It has been quite a journey. Changing niches, changing company names, changing my message and my content and going up and down the roller coaster of this beautiful journey called entrepreneurship. Until I finally found my purpose, my passion and my voice. This is when I decided to become a business &  mindset coach.

However, I am not here to talk to you about my personal business journey. I’m here to tell you that if you have been thinking about becoming an online coach, You can and I’m going to tell you how.

The best way to do this is to first create an action plan. The easiest way to do this is by first figuring out what your dream business looks like, then reverse engineering from that.

So, let’s take you step by step!


What is it that you want? What is your end goal? What does your ideal client looks like? How do you help them? If you knew the answer would be a big fat YES, what would you ask for? This is your Vision. Having a vision is the most important step here. An entrepreneur without a vision is like a captain without a map and an end goal. Where the hell would a captain go if he didn’t have a destination and a way to get there.

Book a free session here to help you create your Dream Business Vision.

This is going to help you find clarity around who you want to work with and how you want to help them. This is usually called a niche in the online business industry. Once you have a vision and a date for it, it is easier for you to reverse engineer your way back and easily create a structure for your new Online Coaching Business.

STEP 2: Your Plan

By this time you should have a clear vision of what you want. This includes what your business is about, who you serve, how you serve them and what you offer them. It’s time to create an action plan. I’ve attached a PDF to help you plan out your first year of business and set quarterly goals.

You can download it here.

Once you have these goals in place you need to start thinking about the programs that you will be offering. What services you will be selling? Will you be working one on one with clients?

If your goal for the year is to make $100,000, then you know that every 3 months you would need to be making $25,000. With this information you need to start playing around with how you want to price your services and how you want to work with people. Make sure that it all aligns.

For example, if in 3 months your goal is to make 25k and your 1:1 program is only $100 for let’s say 1 week, that means you would have to work with 250 clients. That is a lot of work. Those are a lot of clients in very little time. You wouldn’t really have the time and energy to pull it off. However, if you decide to price your program at $2,500 that means you only have to work with 10 clients in those 3 months. That is very much doable and aligned. Now, you are probably thinking, well that is a lot of money. I could never sale a $2,500 service. The truth is, that it takes the same amount of effort to sale a $25 product as it takes to sale a $2,500 product or even a FREE product. It’s all about how much value you give in your services and how much you promote yourself. How much you put yourself out there. If a high ticket number feels hard and uneasy, you can start with offering a lower ticket offer like a self paced course or maybe single sessions to start getting comfortable with selling and raise your prices as you go.

Another thing you can do is do some inner work to feel abundant. Sometimes it’s hard to see that we are good enough for people to invest in ourselves simply because we have hidden limiting beliefs that are blocking us from our full potential. With NLP, we can remove this limiting beliefs in our subconscious in a matter of minutes. If  you have never heard of NLP, you can book a free session with me to help you remove, from the root, the limiting belief that is stopping you from dreaming big or stopping you from actually starting your business and charging for your services.


Now that you have a clear vision of what you want and a marketing plan in place, now it’s time to create your services. There are so many ways that you can deliver your services to your dream soul clients. The first thing you need to do is MARKET RESEARCH! What do your ideal clients want? What are their struggles? How can you help them? It’s easy to create something out of our own minds, but if it’s not what our ideal clients really need, it’s going to be really hard to sale. Get on as much research calls as you can. I know there are a lot of people who are willing to give you feedback if you offer them some guidance in whatever your area of expertise is. Jump into facebook groups. Ask questions. Have conversations. Start building connections. Ask what their struggles are and what their perfect solution to their problems would be. This is the most effective way for you to get clarity around what programs you can start creating.

Once you have all this valuable information in place, you can now start designing and creating your services. Here is a clear outline of how to structure your first coaching program.

1.What is the transformation you want your client to have?

2.What are the steps they need to take in order to get there?

3.How will you deliver these steps? Video, zoom calls, emails, voice texts, pdfs.. etc. Anyway you choose, make sure it aligns with your ideal client’s desires and ways of learning.

4.Give it a kick ass name that shows exactly what the program is about.

5.Create the content!


Your last step is to start the know, like & trust process with your future clients. Numbers aren’t everything. However, in order to have a business you need sales, and in order to have sales you need to have clients. I do want you to remember that followers do not equal clients. Clients equal clients. You can have thousands of followers, but if you haven’t built the know like and trust factors with them, it’s going to be really hard to make sales. People don’t buy anything if they don’t feel like they trust the product or the seller. Here is the simplest way you can create this.

Create a Freebie

This can be a PDF, a video, a mini course, a challenge, a workbook or a discovery call. Something with a lot of value that you can give for free. The best thing you can offer can be the very first step they need to take in order to start their transformation. You give them a lot of value in this freebie, then offer to get much more results if they join your program.

Choose a platform.

Where does your ideal client hang out in? Instagram? Facebook? Youtube? Podcasts? Choose the platform where you know your clients are going to be there to listen or see you. Whatever you feel more comfortable doing. Do you love video? Maybe YouTube would be amazing. You love writing? Then a blog would be perfect. Do you love talking? Then a podcast would be perfect. There are so many ways you can deliver rich content. This is a way for you to set yourself up as a leader and an expert in your niche.  For example, this blog. This is one of the main places I deliver very valuable free content for my audience. Then, I have links to my Instagram and my facebook group to send my audience there and start connecting with them in a deeper way. The methods are endless. You can  have an email list, a facebook group or simpy connect with them through your IG stories. This is all about knowing where your ideal clients hangs out and what way you feel more comfortable with.

Write your content.

You can NEVER give too much for free. Giving free content is the best thing you can do for your business. This will help your audience see that you know what you are talking about. That you are the person that they want to work in. Even when you give a lot of valuable content it will never compare to the transformations that a person can get from working 1:1 with  you. So never be afraid of sharing your knowledge. Of truly doing your best to help people through your free content.

In every piece of content make sure you are sending them to one of your freebies.

The idea is to take your potential clients through this amazing experience of knowing, liking and trusting you, so much that they are ready to take the leap and say YES to working with you!

KNOW: They will first find your content either through a blog post, an instagram post, a pinterest pin, a video or a podcast.

LIKE: Then they will be sent to a place where you are going to start building a connection. This can be a fb group, instagram, or email list.

TRUST: This is where they are maybe already downloaded one of your freebies and they know that you can help them. They love the work that you do and are now ready to work with you.

The last thing I want to say to you is to


Here is the thing, you will never know until you try! Do not get stuck in the analysis paralysis. Don’t get stuck in the planning stage. So get out there. Make mistakes. Try different things. Change routes. Just never give up and never quit. This is just a frame on how to start your business. However, it is up to you to make it your own. To make it something that represents you. People will love to give you their money to work with you because of who you are and what you can do for them. Remember to always be yourself and show people how amazing life can be if they only decide to.

How To Get Things Done

If you are like me, that means you are a mommy. It also means that you suffer from anxiety and depression. This can make it hard to get anything done. I will share three tips I use to make each day productive.

  1. Work in time blocks

Set a time on your clock and focus on nothing else but the project you want to work on. For example, if I want to edit a video, I set aside 35 minutes to focus solely on that video. I turn off my Wi-Fi and put my phone away. I avoid anything they might distract me.

This triggers your mind to focus on whatever it is you want to do. This is how you become more productive!

  1. Plan ahead

This what I love about Trello! I can schedule my entire month. If you have kids, you probably know their routine. You are familiar with when they sleep, eat, play, etc. You also know that your life revolves around them. Soon enough, you start to understand the importance of setting your goals for the day.

  1. Have an open mind for change.

Babies are unpredictable. So is life. So are people. When you are taking care of babies, it is easy to get overwhelmed with how much you have to do and worry about how much time you have to work on your business.

I used to get discouraged when I didn’t have things go my way. This led me down that dark path of self-loathing and self-discouragement. I start to question my whole purpose.

I later realized that I need to open myself up to change.                                         

When you have an open mind for change, you know things can happen for you, not just to you.  Now, you can create the mentality of “although it didn’t happen for me as I wanted, I can make some changes and get it done.”

Don’t be too hard on yourself. However, always try again!

Three courses of action to defeat procrastination

Do you have a big business idea? Have you done all the necessary research but can’t seem to get anything done? Welcome to the world of procrastination. We all experience it at some point.

Here are three ways to get over it and get your business going.

  • Stop downloading all the freebies and joining all the free courses

I know we want all the available information. Especially as entrepreneurs, we have a constant need to learn. However, there is such a thing as information overload. Every day our minds are taking in tons of information. There are so many strategies, workflows, and tips available to learn. So many different people are teaching various methods of what you want to learn.

 If you continue to ingest all of this information you come across, eventually you will become overwhelmed. The result of this is a zone called analysis paralysis. Analysis paralysis is that stage we get to where we are analyzing all the information we have without moving forward. That is where most of us with an addiction to free courses get stuck in. 

This is when we keep taking in information without being able to take any action. We end up not doing anything because we have know idea of how to start.

I got stuck in the analysis paralysis stage last year. I was signing up for all the freebies and joining as many courses as I could afford. I probably spent over $6000 on different courses. All of this information did nothing for my progress.

What to do is to research the best one-on-one coach or group coaching program for you. Join the one you feel aligns with your goals and stick to that. When you do this, you get feedback on your progress. You get into the process of taking actionable steps. You become accountable for your investment.

The fastest way to reach your goal is to invest in one particular program that works for you.

  • Aim towards a clear accessible vision.

We all know the importance of having clear big goals. However, start setting shorter-term goals and attach a date you’d like to achieve them. Sometimes, we have a big picture of our goals and their magnitude can make them seem far from our reach. Some days, we feel motivated by the size of our goals and just go for it but most days won’t feel this way.

This leads to procrastination.

Your goals become more accessible and relatable when you break them into smaller achievable sizes. Map your goals in a way that makes it easy to get from point A to point B. This is more realistic than stumbling blindly from point A hoping to reach point Z someday.

By putting a date on your goal, you can be more consistent and intentional.

  • Keep the planning simple

I used to stay in the planning stage forever because I am a perfectionist. I wanted my strategies to be perfect and this only delayed my goal. I had many planners, journals, and calendars but I still wasn’t getting anything done.

That kept me in the same stage for a long time.

I decided to implement Erin May Henry’s form of planning. I started planning my goals in a different way. Here is how to do that.

  1. Pick one day to plan your entire month. You do not have to write every single detail. Just your grand idea for the month.
  2. Every week, set two hours aside to plan for that week. In this instance, break down your goal for this week into details. Think about your income goals, launches, content, etc. Plan all the little details. This makes it a lot easier to take action.

There are many reasons why we procrastinate and it is mainly because of our mindset. Do your daily visualization, meditation, journaling, etc. to work on your mindset. Doing these exercises regularly to take us out of our comfort zone helps to increase our confidence.

Itzel Cuch

How To Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

Ever heard this phrase ‘if you believe you can or cannot do something, you’re right?’

Our subconscious mind has these rules that it lives by. One of them is that your subconscious mind is never going to make you a liar. Whatever you keep telling yourself is what you will manifest. Every single day, it will look for situations to validate whatever you are saying to yourself. If negative thoughts surrounding your shortcomings are what you focus on, that is what your brain will translate for you. If you set yourself on the fact that you can’t succeed or be happy, that is exactly what your mind will prove to you.

My experience when I discovered how powerful my mind-set was mind-blowing. I realized it is my choice to change my life. It is up to me to shift my reality.

I used to believe I was unlikable and this always made me feel excluded. I was always focusing on what I thought were my negative traits. I started to have bouts of anxiety in social settings. When I discovered the power of my subconscious, I challenged my mind to believe that I am lovable. This led me to be open to people, friendships, and experiences. The moment I started speaking positively to myself, my relationships deepened and I connected more easily.

In addition to that, I began to like myself more and embrace every part of me.

If all you feed your mind is negativity, your subconscious will never recognize the potential in opportunities that come your way.

The subconscious mind does not know the difference between real and unreal. If you want to feel happy, you don’t need a certain situation to be happy. You can tap into that emotion by reliving a memory that made you happy.

We need to use this knowledge to our advantage. Once we change how we think, we can change how we live.

Isn’t it amazing to know how much influence we have over what we want our lives to be like?

When I was in the NLP, I was taught anchoring based on the work of Ivan Pavlov. He is famous for a series of experiments he did on dogs to birth the concept of classical conditioning. He would bring steaks to the dogs and he would use a bell to summon them. He did this every day and he observed that the dogs were always salivating before they even saw the food. What had happened was that the dogs had come to associate the sound of the bell with the food and anytime the bell rang, they already knew what to expect.

This experiment is also relevant to us, humans. We soon realize that a particular occurrence is followed by whatever thought, negative or positive, we focus on. That can set a trend for how we treat ourselves.

My husband left me a few months ago. I was devastated and beyond consolation. I started to feel unworthy of love because why else would he leave? I soon got tired of my sadness and I started to look for how to become empowered once again.

I decided to use the collapse anchor technique I had learned in my NLP training to get rid of all the negative emotions I was carrying around. The collapse anchor technique is simply replacing negative emotions with positive ones. I soon started to feel relief, healing, and subsequently, happy.

Now that you know that your subconscious mind is never going to make you a liar, what will you start telling yourself?

Itzel Cuch

How to Grow your Audience

Although there is a lot of noise out there about the different tactics and strategies to get sales, your audience has to go through a process of know, like and trust to invest in what you are selling.

There are three aspects your business needs to focus on

  • Growing your authority and audience
  • Nurturing your audience
  • Selling to your audience

Can your audience like someone they don’t know? Can they trust someone they don’t like?

Network marketing taught me an aggressive form of marketing.

If I had used the tactics I learned during my network marketing years, my business will probably have skyrocketed. However, as much as I love my former line of work, I didn’t align with the marketing principles.

How to attract your audience

We need people to do business. It is not about the numbers but you need an audience that loves and trust you. Making sales is how you validate your business and to get people to buy from you, you need the right strategy.

There are two ways to put yourself out there

  • Attracting marketing

This type of marketing is not aggressive. It doesn’t invade people’s space.

One of the things I was taught as a network marketer that I hated was to write an overly familiar message, send to people I do not know, and get 100 customers in a day. The whole point of that strategy was “the more negative responses you get, the sooner your ‘yes’ will come.” Although that works for some people, it has never worked for me.

Attracting marketing is getting your audience to come to you instead of chasing after them. This is about positioning yourself as a leader and have people approach you because they love what you do.

Attracting marketing is publicity. This involves giving lots of free value. To make this work, you have to be clear and specific about your message.

I help mommies create a business from scratch so they can succeed – that is my specific message.

Attracting marketing requires you to build relationships with your audience and leverage your connection with them. Imagine showing up and asking people to join my programs without having a conversation with them. Not a far throw from my network marketing strategy!

  • Generating marketing

Think cold messaging, just like network marketing. You need high numbers for this method. That doesn’t guarantee you’ll convert into sales.

Here is the thing about people, we like to buy but we don’t like being sold to.

If you want to promote your products or services in a potential client’s DM, do it strategically. Focus on someone who has been following you for a while and has benefited from your free offers. Knowing this, have a conversation with them to know what they need. This information allows you to structure the solutions you would offer to look appealing. Thus converting into sales!

Now I’d like you to compare dropping messages into the DMs of people who do not know you to market a product they don’t connect with against offering free value to people and taking time to build strong relationships with them.

Which of these approaches do you think would encourage a potential customer to invest in you?

Don’t see your clients as dollar signs. Instead, see them as people you want to help and serve.


Itzel Cuch


Are you confused about niching down your business? Are you confused about the route your business should be going to?

I started in the network marketing business. It was in the health niche. There were a lot of mentorships and it was awesome. As wonderful as it was, two years down the line, I knew something had to change.

We were health coaches and in addition to selling these products, we would also create meal plans and workout schedules for them. In spite of this, I noticed our customers would never follow through. They would spend a lot of dollars to buy these products but they would not use them.

I realized that my customers were struggling with their mindset more than their weight. This made me rediscover my love for teaching. I wanted to help people struggling this way. This led me to become an anxiety coach.

I started learning about business in addition to my experience. I wanted to help people achieve their life and business goals. I soon launched a program but it was a flop.

All the while, I knew I wanted to go into business.

Define Your Happy Tribe, Launch Like A Mother, The Happypreneur are examples of what I thought I wanted to do. I was messy and without direction. I felt like a joke and I started feeling ashamed. My inconsistency was starting to affect my morale.

The idea of niching down sounded idiotic to me because I wanted to do everything. Guess what? It wasn’t working for me. I soon realized I was limiting myself because I was scared. I thought (and wrongly so) that no one would want to listen to me.

Eventually, I gained clarity on what I wanted to do. I established myself as catering to a particular group (mommies) and that was how I was able to get my first client.

What is niching down?

This is knowing exactly what problems you are solving for a person.

My target audience has the problem of figuring out how to start their business. They are struggling in a world full of free courses and lots of information. I knew I wanted to help them design, plan, and start their business from scratch in a simple way.  I knew for myself, I couldn’t spend time in front of the computer all the time. I understood that I needed my business to be simple because I have two kids. I wanted to take care of my kids. I wanted a balanced life.

How do you stop being confused?

It’s not that you don’t know what you want. You don’t know how to make it happen.

I was so afraid of people coming to me for help which I couldn’t give to them. Health coaching was my comfort zone because it was easy for me to do.

What helped me make a decision was asking myself a question. If I wasn’t suffering from imposter’s syndrome, what would I do? Answering that truly gave me the nudge to clear my mindset blocks.  I discovered that there is always room to grow but you can never get back time.

Tips to help you decide on your niche

  1. Figure out the intention behind your actions. If your intentions are backed by fear and doubt, understand that you have a mind-set block. In other words, find the WHY behind why you make the decisions that you make.
  2. Don’t choose your niche based on scarcity. Entrepreneurship can be hard. This is why you need to do something based on your passion. If you choose a path that you assume to be profitable but doesn’t align with what you love, it might prove difficult for you.

Do not be embarrassed. Own your journey. Your audience would be grateful for your honesty.


Itzel Cuch

Not Feeling Good Enough to Become a Coach? Change this Now!

In today’s blog post I want to help you make some mind shifts if you are feeling like you don’t know enough to become a coach. 

Here is the thing, you can learn all the strategies, you can try to learn all the things but if you’re not in the right mindset you will never feel ready. It’s all about mindset! You have no idea how powerful one little mindset shift can really do for you, for your business and for your life.

So, let’s jump right into it.

Mindset shift #1

If you feel like other people know more than you do, you are right. Ofcourse silly! A lot of people know a lot more than you do. But there are also a lot of people that don’t know what you know. So just the way you don’t know what other people know, there’s other people that don’t know what you do know. There has to be something (even if you’re not an “expert”) that you know and that other people need. You don’t need to have it all together. Nobody has it all freaking together. No coach out there has everything a hundred percent in the bag. That’s not true & unrealistic. We all have our own struggles, we all suffer from imposter syndrome, we all go through that “I don’t know enough” phase. However, we can always learn more. Maybe you’re like “yeah of course, of course there’s people that don’t know what I know but how do I get past this? How do I get past my fear? Think about it this way, don’t you think you’re being a little selfish by not sharing what you do know? A lot of people need your help. Even if you start from the bottom. Let’s say that you are barely starting your coaching business and you know in the coaching industry a lot of coaches charge very high ticket prices. So just to get your feet wet, you’re going to start off maybe by putting a low price out there. Just to test the waters. That would be such a great service for someone who is barely starting out and wants to know what you know. Depending on what your Niche is right, you’re obviously not going to talk about what you don’t know. You’re going to talk about what you do know. The key here is that you only have to be one step ahead of your ideal client’s steps. Just one step ahead. There’s always going to be someone who doesn’t know what you know and who could really really benefit from your help, from you sharing that message and that knowledge. When I wanted to go into actual business mentoring, I was scared. I was so scared and I was really really hesitant. I was really broken between staying where I was before, a health coach or going for this, doing what I do now. I remember it was like super scary to say I’m a Business coach because I kept telling myself, I am not an expert. I don’t know if it’s going to work out for me. What if people think like, “who the hell does she think she is to be talking about this. However, I just started talking about what I did know and you have no idea how many amazing people sent me a messages saying “oh I didn’t know that, thank you so much for sharing”. That’s because you’re going to share what you do know. You don’t have to try to share about what you don’t know. You just have to share what you do know. 

Mindset shift #2

So now you’re probably like “okay but what if that’s still not enough? What if I don’t know enough  to have a lot of content to share. There’s so many people out there and there’s so many ways to help them. 

Here is how we fix this.

Some people don’t know that they don’t know. 

Some people don’t know that they do know.

Some people know that they know but don’t take action.

Some people know that they know and they do take action.

So for example before I started learning about NLP I didn’t know that NLP existed. So I didn’t know that I didn’t know about NLP. NLP was not in my world I didn’t know that that was a thing. So when I heard about NLP, I then knew that I didn’t know anything about NLP. That’s when I decided that I wanted to study NLP. So when I started studying NLP, I was like “These are things that I already do on a daily basis.”  I didn’t know that I already knew. Isn’t it crazy? Last year I learned so much strategy like crazy, but I didn’t take action. So I knew that I knew but I just didn’t take action because of some mindset blocks that I needed to overcome.

So, can you see all the opportunities you have to teach one single thing? One single thing can give you a n entire repertoire of content and lessons and ways of teaching other people what you want to teach them. 

Mindset Shift #3

There is always room to grow your expertise and your knowledge. You know, you can’t get back the time that you wasted not taking action and not becoming a coach and not helping others. That time that you wasted, you’re never going to get it back, never! But knowledge? You can always grow your knowledge! Experience? You can always grow your experience! You can always get more information & you can always learn more. The best way to grow your knowledge, & grow your expertise, is by learning something, taking action and implementing it yourself and when you reach 100% capacity of learning something is when you teach it to others. So, everything I say & everything I talk about is something that I had to learn somewhere. Then I implemented it myself, are my experience and then I teach it. It can be something I learned a second ago, but it’s new information for you right. So again, you can always learn more but you can never take that time back. That time that you lost wondering, questioning yourself, hesitating, overthinking everything & thinking that you probably weren’t good enough. Stop wasting time, even if you don’t feel expert enough or good enough, take into consideration all the amazing things that you already know & think about all the amazing people that you could be helping already.

So let’s recap real quick.

Know that you only need to be one step ahead of your client.

Think about all the different ways that you can deliver your message.

There is always room for knowledge.

Here is the last thing I want to leave you with. This is my motto. If I can only educate one more person a day just a little bit, I can go to bed feeling satisfied! You can live by this too. You can start making an impact now!


Itzel Cuch

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Overcome Self Doubt and Start Your Online Coaching Business

Hey girl hey!

I’m so excited to be back to blogging. My life has been a hell of a journey and I am so excited to share so many things with you.

In today’s blog I want to talk all about overcoming self doubt in order for you to start your business.

My business as been a hell of a journey. To be honest the only way I have been able to succeed is because I have started even before I was ready. I know you may be thinking around the idea of finally starting your business, but there are so many doubts. Things like, Im not good enough, Im not smart enough, Im not like-able enough, I don’t know enough. Who would want to give me money anyway for working with me?

I know, I know exactly how you are feeling. Because that is exactly how I felt and to be honest, I still do. I still get these doubtful thoughts in my head. Before I started my business I thought, well, what if it doesn’t work? What if I invest all this money and it doesn’t come back? What if no one buys from me and I’m just going to make a fool of myself? However, I still started my business. I went all in. I’ve made changes, I’ve had failures, I’ve learned. Then I got my first client. You might think that after getting that first client, all these doubts would leave me. Well, the didn’t. They still are present. Because then I started thinking, well what if I don’t deliver correctly? What if this new client regrets working with me? What if no one else ever buys from me?

This is a never ending story. So, what I am mainly here to tell you is, that it is not about not having any doubts. It’s about overcoming them and still taking action. Doubt comes from fear. Fear of failure, fear of judgement and fear of not having what it takes to deliver. But, fear isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Fear is present in our lives to protect us. Fear wants to alert us when there is danger. So it’s not about being fearless. It is about being able to know the difference from fear that is protecting you, from fear that isn’t serving you.

So, how do you overcome self doubt? Here are some tips I can share with you.

Have clarity about what you want

Having that big picture vision is crucial for this. When you have a strong WHY, it helps you see beyond what you just see in front of you. What is your WHY? Your why is what and how you see your perfect life in 10 years from now. The lifestyle you want to give to your children. Not having a big vision is like trying to cross the road without a head.

Have clarity around exactly who you are serving and how you can help them.

In other words, who your ideal client is and what their struggles are. I know you know this, because more than likely, this was you before. But now, you have this amazing knowledge to share with them to help them out. Now, you don’t need to be an expert at what you do. You just need to be a few steps ahead of them. You don’t need to try to know it all. There is always space to grow your knowledge. However, the more you work with people, the more your knowledge grows and the more confidence you gain.

Know that your message is a message that NEEDS to be shared with the world

YES, it NEEDS to be share with the world. Your message is powerful. Even if you think it’s not. Imagine being able to help transform someone’s life and that not happening because you decided that your content wasn’t good enough. Yet, it’s exactly what a person in pain needed to hear. I cannot tell you how many times I had procrastinated posting a certain type of content because I wasn’t sure it was good enough. Then, when it was actually posted, I get comments of how much that content has helped them. Or how much they resonated with it.

STOP being afraid of judgement

Here is the harsh truth, PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS JUDGING YOU. It’s in our human nature. Take a look at your daily thinking. We are always judging other people ourselves. We might not do it in a negative way, it’s just something we do naturally. Even if you walk out right now to go buy chips at the store, someone is going to judge you for something. So, you can sit in your couch and be judged for not doing anything, or you can get moving, take action, show up and be judged for making an impact. If you are going to be judged anyway, wouldn’t you rather be judged for following your dreams?

Now, you might think, I’m not ready. I’ll start a business when I finally feel ready. Guess what? You never will feel ready. Something is always going to show up. That’s life. There will always be a new problem, a new struggle or a new limiting thought popping up in our heads.

This is the last peace of advice I can share with you.


Here is the thing, “failure” is not something we can avoid. We will never know if what we are doing is 100% going to work. You know how we find out? By trying! If you never try, you will never know! What is the only way to find out what things work and what things don’t? It’s by doing it. DOING what you are afraid of. Failing fast, but failing forward. You can’t fix something if you don’t know it’s broken. You’ll never know your car isn’t working if you don’t drive it. So, JUST GO FOR IT! If it doesn’t work, take feedback. See what worked, what didn’t, what needs to change or what you can do more of. Don’t be afraid of failure, because failure can be your best friend!



4 Steps To Starting a Profitable Online Coaching Business

So, you’ve been lingering around the idea of starting an online coaching business. It’s been on your mind for quite some time. You keep seeing all these successful coaches changing their lives right in front of your eyes. Making lots of money, living their best life, being their own boss and you know it is just what you want! You know you have the potential to make this for yourself. But, how the hell did they do it? Where do you even start? Girl, I got you! When I first decided to leave Network Marketing and jump into the coaching industry, I was so excited and scared as hell! Crap! I’m really doing this. I was used to being mentored every single week with daily support when I was doing MLM and then all of a sudden I was going to follow a new path, taking life by the horns, doing this damn thing and following my heart and dreams, yet I was gonna do it all alone.

All these questions went through my mind.
How do I start a coaching business?
What am I even going to teach people?
Is online coaching even profitable?
Is my idea even profitable?
How much do online coaches really make?
How much do I have to invest?

If these questions are running all over your head, here are some quick answers for you.
You’ll learn how to start one with this post!
You are going to teach people whatever you are passionate about and know best!
Online coaching is very profitable!
Your idea is super profitable and I’m going to help you make that possible!
You decide how much money you want to make and how profitable your business will be!
You decide how much or little you invest in your business!

So with that out of the way, let’s dive in. In this blog post I will be teaching you how to start a profitable online coaching business in the simplest way. No overwhelm, no stress and without having to invest thousands of dollars before you start making an income for yourself. Ready? Let’s go!

Step 1: What? What is your business?

The first step is to figure out what your business is. Sometimes we overcomplicate business. We think we have to have this fancy website, fancy social media, lots of followers, crazy luxurious overwhelming funnels, ads everywhere and even a big team of people working for you. Girl, that is not the heart of a business. A business is simply a solution to a problem. So my question to you is, what problem can you solve? What is something you people are struggling with that you know you can help them overcome? Are you really good at motivating people? Are you really good at graphic design? Are you really good at relationships? The easiest way to figure this out is by asking yourself, what is something you already do on the daily? What is something people usually come to you for?
For me it was super easy. I have always loved to help people push themselves out of their comfort zone to follow their dreams. That combined with the knowledge I have around creating a website, creating graphics and a few more techy stuff I created my business to help women get past procrastination so they can launch their business with confidence. Then I went a little deeper and added that i’d help them do it in a very simple, low budget and lazy kind of way. Because, that’s the best kind of life ever right?

So, grab your pen and a journal and start writing all the things you are passionate about. The things you love to talk about. The things you love to help people with. Then write down all your skills. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or not. Skills can always be developed and you always have room for growth. You just need to be a few steps ahead of where your clients are. You just need to know something they don’t because that is what you are going to help them with. Then start thinking of the things people are struggling with. What would people pay you to help them with? What will people pay you to do? Write it all down and start putting things together so you come up with the perfect idea for your business. Things can change along the way, but the most important thing is to start!

Step 2: Who? Who are you going to serve?

The next step is to figure out who you will be serving. Have you heard of the phrase, if you try to sell to everyone, you end up selling to no one. Although I don’t believe it’s entirely true, I do believe it does make sense to think about who your ideal client is. Now, this isn’t something that you are just going to make up in your head and then only try to sell to that person and be closed to ONLY work with that person. What this implies is, figuring out who you would connect with the most, target to that audience, but be completely open to work with anyone who connects with you!
For me, I target stay at home moms, but I have worked with non moms as well. The reason I target mommies, is because I connect with them. I am a mommy, building a business from home while also taking care of a toddler and expecting a baby girl soon. I know exactly what a mommy is going through because I am right there with them. However, if someone who isn’t a mommy, feels connected to me and knows in their heart that I can help them, I am always open to work with them and make great things happen.

So, grab a pen and a journal and write down who this amazing person is. You can even give her a name if you want. What does she do? Where does she work? What is she struggling with? What are the words that she needs to hear in order to get motivated to work with you?

A quick hint: Usually your ideal client is yourself a few steps behind. Think of yourself a few years back. Where were you? What were you feeling? What did you need? What did you want to achieve? This is the best way to start writing content that will attract your tribe. The people that will be your audience and potentially convert into your paying clients.

Step 3: Where? Where are you going to show up?

Now it’s time to figure out, where are you going to make this happen? Where are you going to start building this audience to connect with. This is where you start building the know, like & trust process with your potential clients. People buy from people they trust. You can’t just show up one day and say, I’m a Business Coach, pay me 5 thousand dollars to work with me! You have to start building connections and this is how you do it. We have so many amazing platforms that are completely free that will help you do this. Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn.

So where do you have to do it? What is the most effective? There isn’t a right or wrong answer here. The most effective platform is the one that you will put your effort on. This is only going to happen if you love what you do. For example, you might see a very successful coach that used Youtube as her platform and so you believe that this is the place for you to be. Truth is, you hate talking to a camera. This will not work for you, even if it worked for them because you simply won’t enjoy it.

Every platform has different features and different audiences. Think about what you enjoy best. Do you like writing? Do you enjoy just talking without showing your face? Do you love taking photos? Do you love talking to a camera? It’s important that you truly love and enjoy this because it’s the best way you are going to present yourself so people can connect with you.

Step 4: How? How will you take them through the know, like and trust process?

This is the process you need to take your potential clients so that they can trust you enough to buy from you. This is where a funnel comes in. Now, I know you probably see lots of fancy funnels out there on the internet. Most are on auto mode, but what you don’t know is that they can be pretty expensive. If you want a simple, low budget yet effective funnel to bring clients to buying from you, I have a very simple recipe for you.

Social Media > Freebie > Email List > Offer

It truly can be a super simple process. You create something that they will get for free in exchange for their email, where you can start connecting with them (without spamming) and offer your services. Your freebie should be something very valuable. Something that gives them a quick and amazing result or transformation, that it makes it a no brainer to work with you. You want them to think “WOW, if I got this much value from something that is free, I can only imagine how much more value I can get from actually working with her”.

Creating and building an email list can be very easy. I have this super amazing resource that you can get for free. It shows you how you can create and set up your first freebie so you can start collecting emails.

Once you have people on your email list, it doesn’t really matter if you have 5 people or 1,000 people. What is really important is that you connect with them on a deep level. That you give them so much value in your emails that they get to know you, like you and trust you to the point where when you offer your services, it’s easy for them to purchase.

Now, you are probably wondering, when is the actual time to start selling then? Answer: As soon as you know what your service is and who you want to cater to. Even if you have 100 or 5 people following you. If you connect with them, you can make sales.

So now it’s time to launch. Right?

You got all this in place, but now what? It’s time to build those connections. You can’t have a business if there are no sales and you can’t have sales without people. So start connecting. Now, I also believe that there is no right or wrong way to do this. Do you like to DM people straight to their inbox and that feels easy to you? GO RIGHT AHEAD! Do you prefer to have people come to you instead, then do that! As long as you are connecting. As long as you aren’t just posting a photo to instagram and just expecting for people to magically appear. This is why social media is so important and so useful. All you have to do is be social. Show people who you are, let people know that you exist and that you are there to help them.

So there you have it! SIMPLE! Will it take consistency and commitment? Of course, but it doesn’t have to be hard. All you have to do is create a simple system that will work for you.

Love, Itzel Cuch