Wouldn’t it be so amazing waking up one day feeling so BOLD AND FIERCE, that you just naturally start ATTRACTING CLIENTS that are ready to hand you their money for your services?

“Bring in those empowered ready to BUY clients. This PROGRAM will help you become an expert NOW”

You know there is a fierce woman inside you and she is ready to come out, as bold as she is and make an impact in the world!

You were going to go live. Your favorite 6 Figure Mentor said that the best way to connect with your ideal clients was to go live. So, you get ready, Sticky Notes ready with everything you want to say, deep breath in and…. You don’t press GO LIVE. You settle for posting a photo of yourself with a caption that says, “You got this, Don’t let fear stop you”. Knowing that the main person you are trying to convince is yourself.  But, You know you are meant for more.

You’ve been going at it for a while. Creating freebies, sharing inspirational quotes, talking every now and then about your offer, but the clients are simply not there.
In a way you know what you have to do, but you just can’t seem to find a way to do it.

Every time you want to go live, you are paralyzed.

Every time you want to launch a program, you stay stuck in the planning stage. 

Every time you were going to go ENGAGE on social media to GROW your audience you end up procrastinating and scrolling through your own FEED.

What if I do a live video and no one shows up?

What if people show up and they think I’m boring?

What if I launch a program and no one signs up?

What if people sign up and they want a refund because I’m just not that good at what I do?

I GET IT! I was there. Feeling and thinking the exact same things you are! Feeling stuck. Not getting clients was traumatizing and the thought of getting clients freaked the shit out of me. Staring at my computer, looking at all these other coaches making it happen for them, wondering, WHY CAN’T I make it happen for me?

Until I finally figured it out! I finally understood the real reason why I wasn’t getting clients. The real reason why I couldn’t make money in my business. I was simply blocking my own success! From there I decided to truly embrace who I was, move through fear and find the confidence within me to start attracting and connecting with those amazing dream clients everyone talks about.

That is why I created

A 3 Day (self paced) course that will help you push your limiting beliefs away, release fear and change your identity into the bold badass woman that you are so you can start showing up as your true authentic self and build an unapologetic online presence so you can accelerate and succeed in your business.

This is an accelerated program that will knock you off of your feet! It is nothing like you have ever experienced before.

It is a combination of both mindset and actual daily tasks for you to do on a daily basis, for a few hours a day, so you can start attracting empowered clients that are ready to pay you for your services.

The year 2019 I made 0 dollars in my coaching business.

I’ll take you to a few years back. I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire life. I’ve loved making sales my entire life. In the year 2016 I decided to join a Network Marketing Company which I still love but, I was thought to implement the Hustle hard and send 100 “hey girl, long time no see” copied & pasted messages kinda thing. Which only got me blocked and deleted or simply just left seen. I saw other coaches doing amazing. Making a lot of money…… but…..

Here I was, trying to do it all, and nothing worked. I felt stupid and foolish.

The time when I made 5K months in sales, was when I shared my story, my results and I genuinely engaged in other people’s profiles. The best clients I had were the ones I never send a single message to.

When I decided to start my business as an online coach, I started learning a lot more new strategies, yet I didn’t make one single dollar in my business for the year of 2019. I was about to give up. To quit everything and go back to working a normal job or going back to network marketing. Which, I still am a distributor, but it didn’t fulfill me the way coaching did.

I was about to QUIT!

I thought, maybe I’m just not good enough for this. What made me think I could ever be successful?

Then I found NLP. The study of the mind.

I fell in love and I became certified. This is when I learned that, no matter how many courses I would purchase, I wasn’t going to make my business accelerate unless I worked on my mindset.

People don’t buy from people they don’t Know, Like and/or Trust. In order to get people to KNOW YOU, LIKE YOU & TRUST YOU, you need the 3 C’s. Clarity, Confidence & Consistency! 💕

It’s as simple as this. So, how do you get Clarity, Confidence & Consistency.

In my new program Bold & Fierce I teach you exactly how you can get Clear on your message, Confidence in what you do and get consistent in the way you show up as the GO TO leader for your Ideal Clients ready to pay you for your services!

You are ready to really push your limits and get out of your comfort zone.

You are tired of being stuck by fear & ready to feel confident

Ready to show up confident so you can connect with dream clients

You know there is a fierce woman inside ready to come out as bold as she is and make an impact in the world!


  • You don’t feel expert enough. You think that if you start going live, launch a program or even offering your freebie, people will realize you really don’t know that much. Impostor Syndrome?
  • You’re not ready to show up in stories as yourself because you fear people will then see the real you and they might not like what they see.
  • You’ve been thinking about launching your program but you think “People hardly like my posts, what makes me think they will buy?” You are afraid of being rejected.
  • You wish you could show more of yourself on camera, but you are afraid people will think you are boring and not fun to watch.
  • You are so ready to bring in clients but what if they buy and they find out I’m not that good at what I said I was.

If you are tired of living life on the safe lane and ready to live a passionate, crazy, fulfilling, & purposeful entrepreneurial life, this is for you.

You don’t need another course on how to get your next 10 clients in the next 10 days in order to finally hit your income goals. What you need is…

You will have access to 4 pre-recorded masterclasses with workbooks to follow for each, showing you the simplest strategies & mindset tools so you can overcome your fears, start building an online presence and connect with empowered ready to buy clients.

Plus these amazing Bonuses to compliment your results and better support your journey!

A copy of my content workflows and my monthly, weekly and daily schedules & tools I use to run my business in the simplest way ever.

Private Facebook Support group where you will have Lifetime Access (and access to any additions made to the course in the future) and be able to connect with other amazing like minded woman like you, ready to make an impact in the world and thrive in their business.

A copy of my Money Making Mindset Resource Guide. Blissful Mindset Rituals & Daily Practices to Attract and Manifest Abundance. Through the course I will guide you through the guide so you know exactly what to work on and when.

KNOW, LIKE & TRUST – Power Hour Guidebook. A guidebook where I tell you exactly, step by step, the daily & simple tasks to focus on, in order to connect with ideal clients and get them to Know, Like & Trust you enough, so they feel empowered and ready to pay you for your services.

Not only do you get SIMPLE but ACTIONABLE tasks to do on a daily basis, I give you my best NLP, EFT & Hypnotherapy tools so you can reprogram your mind at a subconscious level, so that taking action feels easily & effortlessly. Leading you to hitting your income goals and connect with your ideal clients.

After this program you will:

-Confidently offer your services, because you know there are hundreds of amazing ideal clients waiting for you to help them transform their life.

-Start showing up consistently on your social media platforms through live, posts and all ways connecting with your dream clients.

-Show up in your business in a way that will build an online presence in front of dream clients ready to pay you for your services.



BUT… I am celebrating my Master Certification this month so….

for this Launch Period is ONLY $144

BUT…. that’s not IT!


Join Before Nov 6 and gain access to a Group coaching call hosted via ZOOM. Where you will get coached through EVERYTHING & ANYTHING you are struggling with in your business. From simple strategies that you can apply to your business to removing RIGHT THERE AND THEN anything that is stopping you from achieving success in your business.


Join before

OCT 30th

and pay ONLY


Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Certified Master Neuro-linguistic Programming, Life and Success Coach, Certified EFT Practitioner and Founder of LIVE YOUR BLISS SOCIAL and I am your new business bestie.

When I first started my business I joined all the programs, bought all the courses, downloaded all the freebies, spent hours in front of the computer, feeling productive (I wasn’t), constantly sharing free value (I still do this) but didn’t have an audience to listen to it. I spent a year trying to figure this out, with zero growth and zero clients. Yup, one entire year without getting clients!

Once I cracked the code to stop the procrastination, get confident and embrace who I am in it’s entirety, I booked my first high ticket client in a matter of 2 weeks, (without even launching yet) I grew my authority and started connecting with new amazing prospects.

I do this all while, taking care of a 2 year old boy and a new born baby girl. My business doesn’t consume me anymore and I am able to enjoy what I do, enjoy my little family and enjoy myself as a person. This is because I stoped trying to change my behaviors and stepped into the identity that actually achieved her goals easily & effortlessly!










$77 before Oct 30th

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